Monday, February 13, 2012

Waterpark Hotel

We were blessed this weekend with a stay at King's Pointe - a water park hotel in Storm Lake, IA.  
We took the 2 hour drive through some of Iowa's best country side and landed here:

Savannah loves loves loves to swim.  Just like her momma :) So she was super duper excited.  Travis loves loves loves family time, so he was super duper excited too!

We have some water slides at the Ames pool, but Savannah is too short to go on any of the big ones.  Luckily this place had 2 of them that Savannah could ride down with us.  

This is pretty much how she spent the entire weekend.  We got to the Hotel on Friday night.  Swam for 2 hours, then had dinner in our room.  Then swam again from 11 - 5 Saturday.  The girl just bobbed and floated in the water almost the whole time.  We had to make her get out and eat ice cream just to make sure she was rested enough. 

Just gonna slip in a little Pinterest WIN here.  Put glow sticks in the bath tub and turn off the lights.  This was a super fun hotel activity.  Savannah loved it!

The room was pretty huge!  We had a queen suite - but it was still way bigger than I thought it would be.  Savannah doesn't do great in Hotel rooms, so it was good we only stayed one night.  Even after all that driving and swimming she was still up from 11pm - 2am just playing and crying and playing in bed.  

On Saturday the Saldanahs joined us!  
Katie and I were talking about the most special part of all of it was that Travis and Chris could go down water slides together since really the girls can swim in Ames and we can always talk in Ames.  But the dudes usually have to work and definitely don't have indoor water slides in Ames!

More bobbing around.  Just by herself.  Usually talking to herself too.  
Oh, and she does great with ear plugs.  Her tubes are still in as far as we know. She checks her ears about every 3 minutes to make sure the plugs are still secure. 

After a FULL day of indoor pooling around we had dinner at the Hotel restaurant.  Look at these tuckered out girls holding hands :) 

Also, I thought it was cool that I taught Savannah how to thumb wrestle while we waited for dinner, but I found out later that my dad had already done that with her.  Oh well.  She likes it and that's all that matters. 

Here's Eisley and Savannah after dinner waiting for their dad's to start the cars before we left.  
We're so blessed to have such a good family and such good friends to enjoy life with!


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