Saturday, January 4, 2014

Charlie's BEST Birthday ever!

on December 29th Savannah told Charlie that he would have his BEST Birthday EVER!  We figured that was probably pretty likely since it was his first one.
Some things Charlie is doing:
Saying "Mama" - which means "more"
Saying "Uh Oh"
Eating pretty much all kinds of foods
Drinking Whole Milk
Crawling up the stairs
Loves bath time with sister!
Plays ball.

We went to my parent's house for lunch.  My mom signs everyone in our family up for this Birthday cake drawing with a local radio station and it's awesome because we almost always win!  I think every person in our family had a free cake from HyVee on our birthday this year.  And last year.  Since Charlie is still working on blowing on things and when we tried it with Savannah on her first Bday, she grabbed the fire - we just let Savannah blow out his candle.

But little Bubs got his own cake!  First Cake!!!

Do you think he enjoyed it?

He got some gifts too.  I realized this year how hard it will be to separate his Birthday from Christmas.  But since it was his first one, we were all just happy to celebrate.  He loves this hammer toy.  He plays with it a lot every day still.  Actually, he just loves tools.

Thanks to everyone that loves and has loved Charlie this year.  He's a blast.  And I think he's going to age well with time. 


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