Saturday, January 4, 2014


I went all crazy Pinterest this year for Christmas!  What?  I'm horrible at crafts and DIY stuff.  I am.  But here's some stuff that even I could pull off!  

Homemade infused booze. So easy.   But so good! The Jalapino one will clear a cold up in one whiff, I swear! 

Okay, so this is actually a wrap up I just did from last year.  My dad gave me the stuff to make these shelves for Charlie last Christmas, but I just did it last week!  It's outdoor flower baskets, painted white and hung on his wall.  Charlie loves it too.  He's kinda into digging into stuff right now and the bottom one is just digging height! 

Writing on mugs and plates - I saw this last year, but then I saw that it didn't work.  The original Pin said to use permanent  marker - but what you have to do is go to Hobby Lobby and get a porcelain pen.  Then let it sit for 8 hours, then bake it.  But it's great!  

Self explanatory.  

We've had this huge frame hanging up for a while.  I like changing it for the seasons but for now we're going to try a chalk board.  It's like crazy hard to write nicely on a chalk board.  I did a new one for January and I'm not thrilled but I'll keep at it for a couple more months. 

My friend Lindsey game me the idea for this one.  We dyed kitchen clothes then dipped spoons in paint.  I really liked doing this and giving these.  

What other easy Pinterest stuff is out there?  I'm gonna need new stuff soon! 


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