Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Coconut Oil Crazies!!!

One of my kitchen heros (Cindy Rebarcak) suggested that I try using coconut oil a couple weeks ago.  I found a cheap jar of it for $9 at HyVee (also at Fareway) and I thought it was pretty comparable to what I pay for olive oil so I went for it.

First, let me tell you - it's hard!  It's like waxy.  It melts really fast (like even by just touching it) so that's not a problem - but I was a little caught off guard.  I have been cooking with it instead of whatever other oil or butter I would be using.  It's working pretty good.  Use a littl lower heat than usual though.  Also - it cleans off the pan WAY easier.

I've also been doing some reading and I guess coconut oil is like super super good for you!  I was reading a website (the coconut oil research institute I think) and they make some pretty crazy claims.  I think some of them are true, but once they started saying that it can cure HIV and Cancer, I kinda zoned out.  But I DO really believe it falls in the "good fat" category and that it is helpful with skin issues.

I also read on the jar (I had to read the whole jar to figure out how to use the hard "oil" at first) that it can be used for hair and skin.  So of course the next day I warmed some up and glopped it all over my hair.  I left it on for an hour, then washed it out.  My hair felt pretty awesome.  I'm thinking I will try doing this once a week and see what comes of it.

So, that's my report on the hottest newest...i dont know if it's not or new... thing!


jessica kiehn

yes! coconut oil is excellent. Have you tried Coconut Milk? add it to smoothies or whatever you want creamy...AMAZING!!!!!

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