Monday, August 27, 2012

Family Date Night

Last night we weren't sure what we were going to do - never happens!  
Free time... no home projects we wanted to get into, no other people to hang out with, no where we needed to be.  So I randomly checked the movie listings and found that Madagascar 3 was starting in 5 minutes.  We threw our shoes on and ended up having an awesome spontaneous family date night which included: a movie, a family dance party to the Yo Gabba Gabba cd (gotta get it!), pizza, and a park.  Super fun and super random.  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Today we celebrate the Birthday of Travis Pierce - The Main Man in my life! He's turing...older :)

Savannah and I are so proud of him. He started a new job this week and has been handling all the newness so well. He is making new friends easily, charming his way into everyone's hearts. He is learning all kinds of new procedures, policies, names, and students. He's doing great!

Travis works really hard. He teaches during the school year then paints with my dad all summer. If anyone needs help with something that he is able to help them with, he is there. If anyone wants to talk about their problems, no matter the hour, he is there. If I ask him to do something to help me out, he will. And if Savannah needs his protection, leadership, or just a good tickle - he is there.

We're glad that we get to have him around another year and I am excited more than ever to have another dude in the world that will likely be just like him!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Princess cheering

Today Savannah was in a crabby mood. Se didn't want to run errands with me. So I took the long way and put in a Disney Princess cd and by mid-song of 'part of their world' this was Savannah's face - she wasn't making a sound, just smiling.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm over 30.

My 31st Birthday has come and gone now. Do I feel older? Yes. Why is it that it was during my 30th year that I discovered that I have arthritis in my knees? It probably doesn't help any that during my 30th year I became pregnant again and started falling asleep before 9pm and have gained weight.
Anyway, I had a great Birthday! Got to get breakfast with Travis and Savannah, which was followed by garage sale shopping! Then I had lunch with some co-workers, found a cheap pair of consignment maternity skinny jeans and got some nice gifts from my family. We ended the night out to dinner with 7 very enjoyable friends. Am I mid-aged now?

I got some "wrinkle serum" today.  I like it.  When I was 25 a friend of mine had just started selling beauty products and asked me if I'd started using "anti aging products" yet - I hadn't, but I guess prevention is the best medicine, or something like that :) 

Thoughts on a boy

So the big news is out - we're having a baby BOY!
I have to admit, I had a hard time with this in the beginning.  We took Savannah with us to the ultrasound and after waiting and waiting for the technician to measure the head size, body length, and I think the length of every bone in the babies' body, she finally announced that we were looking at a baby boy.  Savannah let out a cut lithe whimper - mostly because her and Travis had been debating the gender of the baby for months and she was wrong - then she and Travis celebrated with "YAY, A BROTHER!".  I, on the other hand was kinda sad.  I didn't know I'd be sad until the moment the words spilled out of her mouth.  I started thinking of all the fun things Savannah and I have enjoyed together and all the wonderful cute outfits and toys of hers that we will never use again.  We won't be calling this one our sweet little princess.  Or wrapping this one up in soft pink blankets.  This is our boy.

Today I'm okay with it.  We went shopping that day and found a few cute boy things.  That helped :)
Since then I have been becoming more excited about the thought of another Travis.  Another guy in the world who's father will teach him to be righteous and to be honoring to God and to people.  Another guy that will laugh and play and charm everyone.  It will be so much different, yes, but so right.  

Here's something else to put out there - 
Not only do I have several girly things that can go to a good home if anyone wants them, but we have a few needs since our last infant was 4 years ago: - if you have these things or see them on sale let me know! 
Baby Monitor
High Chair
Crib bedding
Pacifiers, bottles, and such that are not pink

Luckily we still have our car seats, stroller, crib, changing pad, and any other gender neutral big things! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sailorville catch up

I have a whole bunch more pictures from the lake from the last month or so. We still went even when it was like 105 degrees out. Our family is pretty devoted to our water time - its where the magic happens... Just kidding. We just like it.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mom & Dad

I've recently gotten some good pictures (and pictures of pictures) of my parents so I thought it'd be fun to post them.  Love you Mom and Dad!  Thanks for taking care of me and my family!

Here's my parents after church a few weeks ago.  They kinda matched, and I'm sure they don't get pictures taken together enough - Travis and I never do - so I made them pose.  

My mom and I found this one when we were looking for some other old pictures the other day.  I don't know what year this was exactly, but I was impressed that Savannah could identify the man in the picture.  Hippie much???

Here's an oldie but a super goodie!  Must have been a few years after the beer making picture above because my dad's hair is shorter, but Mom's feathery do makes up for it.  

Love you guys!

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