Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cha Cha Changes!

We've had some big changes around here lately.

Painting the house!  If you haven't been by in a while, you might have a hard time finding it!  I mean, aside from the red wagon that's always out there, and the porch swing, the front of our house has had a makeover.  No longer will I tell people, "There are 3 white houses in a row, and we're the middle one."  We are now the "Brownish one with green trim."  We love our new house colors.  The sidding is a color called "smoke house" and the trim is "rice paddy" and a color we actually made up by combining the other two.  :)  Our goal this fall is to finish the front and back.  Since Travis went back to school it's been pretty slow going.  But it looks great!

Going along with the makeover theme, we also painted and redecorated Savannah's room.  We took out her big changing table dresser and put in a smaller white one (thank you Tyler Farner for parting with your childhood dresser for my baby).  Last Christmas I bough Savannah owl themed bedding and wall decals.  I had planned on redoing all of it when she moved into a big girl bed, but since she doesn't seem to be anywhere near figuring out how to get out of her crib, we just went ahead and did it.  She LOOOVES it.  When we go to get her up sometimes we here her in there going "hoo, hoo, hoo" talking to the owls.  She has wall decals, an owl bank, 3 stuffed owls, an owl pillow, owl sheets and blanket, an owl picture and owl painting (thanks to Miranda Robinson).  Travis was a little sad to see her go from a  baby girl's room to a little girl's room.

Good transition to Savannah's makeover.  A couple weeks ago I got tired of always combing and putting up her hair and just did it.  I just cut it off.  It's not the best haircut you've ever seen, but she's so busy no one really notices.  She and I are both much happier now!  She's a little sassier after the hair cut.

The yard: Cannas are getting taller and awesome!

The garden: Where are all the garden plants?  Can't find them, can you.  We ignored it through the month of July and well...that's what we get.  I'm going to spray Round Up on the whole thing and just start over next year.

Friday, August 27, 2010

We be watchin ....

So, since we watch a lot of TV and movies, I thought I'd make a top 10 list of our favorite movies and shows.  Obviously the three of us have different tastes, so this is in no particular order.  Just 10 things we like these days:

As mentioned in previous post, this is our new fave.  We found it on Hulu.com and have watched the first 9 episodes.  It's so funny.  It's a little like the Office (the way it's filmed and the humor) but way funnier!  It's about a crazy family and the one "normal" guy that's trying to hold it all together.  

Savannah watches The Little Mermaid pretty much everyday.  We don't own it, but we keep borrowing it from the Library.  And did you know there's a 2 & 3?  We've watch those their fair share too.  My favorite is when she tries to sing "ma ma mermaid shongs".  

We got really into Pawn Stars on the History channel this summer.  It's like Antique Road Show meets American Choppers.  All the interesting old crap people have collected for years, but then they throw in the tough cool shop owner and his crazy dad and lazy son.  I'm waiting for the day they show a marathon of this and I can just sit and watch it all day. 

I'm not totally into this one, but The Good Guys has become one of Travis' favorites.  He watches online the day after it airs and hardly ever misses a week.  It's a funny cop show, which is kind of a good change with all the CSIs and Law and Orders out there. 

Here's one for the whole family.  Savannah and Travis and I all love Kung Fu Panda.  One night Savannah watched it for about 45 minutes before bed and after I took her to bed Travis asked if WE could finish it without her.  It's so funny.  You can't lose when you have Jack Black as the main voice.  

Since most of the list is about Savannah and Travis, I'm putting Sweet Home Alabama and Mean Girls in here (need I remind you that Tina Fey and Amy Pohler are in this movie).  They are two of my favorite movies and I watch them at least once every couple months.  Usually when I'm alone. Love them. 

I found My Little Pony episodes at the Library a few weeks ago and Savannah has been hooked.  It's super fun because most of them are the SAME exact ones I watched as a kid.  My mom pulled out my old ponys (yes, she still had them!) and cleaned them up for Savannah.  So that's kind of her new deal.  She also likes to pretend she's a Flutter Pony and fly around the house singing. 

I'll wrap this up with the announcement that Travis got Netflix for a year for his birthday from my parents. I'm sure this is going to change the way we view everything from now on.  So....more to come :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So we had another eventful weekend around here.  Kinda.  
Friday night Travis and I went to a dinner/meeting for our 41 high school leaders!  This year is going to be pretty amazing.  We kick off Escape tomorrow night at 7:45 in "The Box".  It's a new room that Cornerstone built just for the youth (sorta)!  We've been meeting in gym for the last couple years, so it will be nice to finally have a home again.  Lucky for us, Madeline Farner and Jasey Rebarcak (two high school girls) were around to watch Savannah all night.  

Saturday morning we went on a walk to the Library in attempt to peel Savannah away from wanting to watch movies (her new favorite thing ever).  About a block from home she was running full speed ahead and she ran smack into a huge sign pole!  I think she was trying to out run her shadow and forgot to look where she was going.  She has scrapes all over her legs and a big ole fat lip.  

Saturday was also Travis' 32nd Birthday!  We didn't play it up party style too much, but we did do plenty of laying around on Saturday afternoon watching Arrested Development. It's our new fave. Saturday night we went to the new Mongolian Buffet here in town with my parents.  It was really good. However, it might be one of the few things that would be better without a two year old.  It was complicated to get her food, sit her down, get my food, then get her more food... After dinner Travis and some guys smoked pipes to the light of about 12 citronella candles.  Bugs here are awful lately!

Sunday we went to church.  We love our church. Nuf said. 
Then we went boating.  Here are some pictures... that's why you're here anyway. 

Monday, August 16, 2010

wowza! It's been so long!

Okay okay, it's been about a month or so since I've blogged.  A LOT has been happening and I honestly don't have the time to catch up so here's some Panama pictures (maybe I'll post some day about the details) and a quick update.  School is starting this week so I will surely be more regular after that :)  We're just enjoying summer to much right now to blog.

- Travis starts school Wednesday
- We've been painting a lot inside and outside
- We were not hurt by the recent floods
- Savannah loves My Little Pony
- I went to my 10 yr high school reunion
- Had a good Birthday
- Went to a berry patch with the fam and the Dewhursts
- Have a lot of thoughts about Grace.  It'll be a good blog some day. 

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