Wednesday, May 27, 2009

my barn aint so clean

Proverbs 14:4 (ESV)

Where there are no oxen the manger is clean, 
but from the strength of an ox comes an abundant harvest. 

I read this today.  I thought - "this must be a very profound proverb.  surely we're not really talking about oxen".  So I thought about it, and prayed about it a little and here's what God told me.  The manger is my house, and the oxen are my family/our friends/the people that we enjoy that come to our house.  So if I didn't have a little girl, or a busy husband, or high school kids around the house, it would be all clean.  However, I am thankful to have all those people around, thus will be thankful for a cluttered, messy house.  Amen. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Switch

Savannah is one now - That means some changes in her life.  
This week we are making the switch from Soy Formula to Whole milk. 
I will say, I was pretty nervous about it.  When she was just born we had given her milk based formula and she screamed and screamed!  Once we put her on the soy, she was totally fine.  But being lactos intolerant myself, that is not something I would wish for my baby.  We decided to try the milk out.  We started Sunday putting 2oz of Milk in each of her 5-8oz bottles.  So far so good.  Next week we'll make it 3oz of milk per bottle.  She may be just a little lactos like Travis, which would still save us some money and hassle.  We'll see! 

Below are some post-birthday pictures of the weekend. 

Grammy and Poppy got her a wagon.  She does actually love it.  I don't know what this face was about!
She was a little upset when they left on Sunday night. 

We got some pool time in too! Savannah takes after her momma - she LOVES the water!
Modest swim wear - check
Sunny day with 80 degree temps - check
Plastic cup that's cooler than all the pool toys - check

Here's a little post Birthday dance move.  Actually, I think it was mid-tripping, but it looks like a dance move. 

Friday, May 22, 2009

Birthday Blast Off!

Our little darlin had her 1st birthday yesterday!  Her Grammy and Poppy (Travis' parents) came to visit from Okalahoma.  Then we had a party with all her favorites - Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, Grammy and Poppy, Kevin and Donna, Julie, Nattie, Charissa, Aimee and Register.  
Balloons!  Who knew they were so amazing!
Savannah showed us each gift as she pulled it out of the box. 
Travis grilled some good eats. 
Grammy made a cake, Savannah had cake for the first time. 
When we showed her the cake, we thought she was going to just dig in, but instead she grabbed the candle and burned her hand.  She's got a blister, but she'll live. 
The picture of her with one hand on her face is Pee A Boo. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

blue berry baby

Warning, This post may be graffic. 

So recently we decided to start eating a lot of berries.  I got a bag of frozen mixed berries, and a bunch of fresh strawberries and went to town!  Savannah LOVES it!  I love it too - I do eat off her tray on the berry days.  A lot. 
Well last week she started taking antibiotics for yet another ear infection (this makes 6 I think).  Ususally she takes Omniseph which gives her "The D" so I read up and found that blue berries can counter act that.  So we went for it.  I gave her blue berries at every meal.  Luckily, she hasn't really had "The D" this week, infact, she didn't poop at all for two days.  And now that she's off the berries, she's pooped 5 times today - all hard rocky poops.   Yesterday she even broke into tears trying to get one out.  Sad sad.  So my point... I don't know.  Berries. 
ps Tomorrow she's one!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Party favors, Potter Band, and Princess Dress

I had a bunch of balloons for the Senior lunch at church the other day and thought it might be fun to see if they could fly Savannah.  Turns out 12 balloons is not enough to lift 22 pounds off the ground.  
Some of my old friends are in a Harry Potter band.  Yep, all the songs are about Harry Potter.  We saw them the other night at Blinks.  Here's Savannah with Mark Jennings. 
My aunt Cindy bought Savannah her first Princess gown!  Pretty girl. 

Friday, May 8, 2009

I read a book.

The Fruit of her Hands, by Nancy Wilson
I will now make  a list of my thoughts, feelings , and opinions: 

1. The book is mostly about being a wife that respects her husband.  The entire first half of the book addresses this issue with biblical back up and countless examples.  

2. I liked how it really promotes the need for wives/moms to be in the word daily.  It does not allow for the old "well I just read  a verse a day in passing" - but I think it does go a little over board, suggesting that women should read at least 3-6 chapters a day!  

3. There's a good section on the way that women interact with one another.  It talks about the way we can really tear eachother down (in person or in gossip).  Good thoughts and reminders. 

4. The end got a little controversial for me.  When talking about Home making she really got too black and white for my taste, stating that if your house is a mess and disorganized that you are not honoring God.  Not so.  Too much depends on the situation.  She also had a section about busybodies, which I agreed and totally disagreed with at the same time.  Good to think about though.  

Over all I'd give the book a 6 out of 10.  It's short and easy to read and makes you think, but also a little too heavy on the option vs bible scale.  Needs more Bible. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What Big Teeth you have...

My dad's sisters and mom are in town so we had some fun at the park with them the other day:

Here's my aunt Karen with Savannah.  She seems to take a liking to Karen - probably because she has blonde hair and looks more like me than my other relatives.  Karen and I share the same sweet tooth - I'm sure Savannah will one day join us!
Here Savannah is showing my aunt Cindy how much she loves Brisco!  Awww.
And here is Savannah with my Grandma Charlson.  She is 85 years old.  She adores Savannah and I'm glad she can visit us from Oregon to spend some time with her. 
And her she is going to down the slid with my dad playing catcher.  She's really starting to get good at sliding.  It works her abs. 
Party on Garth!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Gwen is Back BABY!

Gwen Stefani (and No Doubt) was on the Today show today.   Just so happens my stylin baby girl was accidentaly matching Gwen.  Watch the video to find out which part of her outfit Savannah got right today:

Answer: Cow leg warmers do resemble Gwen's pants. 

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