Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Filiies

Ames High was off from school yesterday so we had some fun with some of the girls!

Jasey raked leaves for Savannah to jump in. She more or less just ran through them and fell over.

We had a little pot luck lunch with the girls. Jourdan was nice enough to watch Elmo's world with Savannah.
Here's all the ladies together. Sav is at the end of the table - the food towers over her.
It was a fun day of fellowship and relaxation. Is this really my job? I love it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What do I do?

I was recently asked " Wendy, what DO you do all day anyway?"
Here's the answer you've all been waiting for....

We get up between 6:30 and 7:30 most days. Sav drinks a bottle while I lay in bed and watch the Today show.
By 8:00 we're up and playing, but don't always have clothes on.
8:30, dressed, sometimes bathed, and then we play. Savannah spends about 40% of her waking hours on the stairs right now.
At some point we do all the typical morning stuff.
Around 9/9:30 she goes back down for a nap. I am left to clean up from the morning and the night before.
I also am committed to using this time for my morning time with God. I also try to write back to the girls from my small group in journals.
Since it's too cold out in the mornings to go walking these days, I started getting work out dvds from the library. This one's called "the firm". It's due back today. I liked it.
Sav wakes up by 11 and has lunch. I check facebook.

We head off to pick someone up for lunch at the high school. On this day we got stood up. It happens at least once a week.
Sorry Savannah. All dressed up and no where to go.... but
If we aren't having lunch with someone, sometimes we go out to the church to do some work for Escape. This is the desk I share with Clint and Chase.

This is how Savannah feels about working in the office.
But since we were stood up today I ran to the store. Savannah wanted to run IN the store so I popped her in the cart. SHe loved it.
But then we found halloween costumes.

When we got home we played again and she took a nap at 1:30. Then I have lunch and work on stuff like this, and


And this.... (video I made for Escape)

Sometimes I make phone calls and do other random "taking care of business" type things.

Then Savannah gets up and we 1.Go to a park or 2. meet with some high schoolers or leaders or 3. BOTH!

OR sometimes I have meeting with these guys and we talk about Escape stuff for a couple hours while Jasey watches Sav.
After that I make dinner, then Travis comes home and we have Bible studies or Escape or whatever else happens to be up for the night. Hope you enjoyed my day!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Savannah is getting more molars. It's going like this:

- Drool everywhere
- Snotty nose
- Putting things in her mouth like she's 6 months old again
- Not sleeping (up at 5am, 45 min naps, coughing and crying during sleep all night long)
- Cranky pants! Say no or take something away and you get RAGE!
- Not eating, but always wanting to eat
- Begging for bottles all day long

Things we're trying to help her:
- Infant IBProfin (yep, we go meds all the way here!)
- Oralgel day and night time relief
- Icey pacifiers
- Way more TV than normal
- Trying hugs and cuddles, but she doesn't want anything to do with them


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ames Public Library is my friend.

I'm not much of a reader. In fact, I never have or never will read for fun. I pretty much just read if it will somehow DO something FOR me. Because of this reason, I have never been good friends with the library...until recently.
One Tuesday afternoon Savannah and I were a little bored and happened to wonder into the library - Just as toddler time was starting! Since then we have been back almost every week. She loves to run around the kid's area and look at books and crawl up on the little chairs and play with their toys. Then when Toddler time starts, we go into their little reading room and dance and sing songs and hear a story and inadvertently learn some social skills! She doesn't even get what's happening half the time, but it's okay if she does her own thing, or even just runs in and out. They have lots of fun stuff going on there. Check it out!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Emazing Race

Here's some pictures of how we spent our weekend. Super fun!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The end of the garden

Since the ground it's likely to freeze this weekend, I had to go out today and begin the end of the garden. I planted a bunch of bulbs this spring that ended up being my favorite thing this summer/fall but if I want to plant them next year then they have to come out before it freezes. As I began to dig them up this morning, I thought of a few things I learned this summer in regards to gardening:
1. If your dad (who's being working the ground for 40 years) tells you something, just listen. (you're planting those too close together, put those in earlier, there are too many of those...)

2. Plant way fewer tomatoes! We just couldn't keep up and ended up just losing a lot of good produce.

3. Lay down a good layer of wood chips EARLY on!

4. Get some good wire stands for tomatoes and other plants.

5. Rip up more of the back yard for flowers. f

6. Be more patient! The stuff that took a little longer to really come up was the best stuff!
Good bye beautiful, tall canas! I'll see you next year!
Little miss had a good time helping me dig in the dirt. Took a little bit for her to get into it though.

This is just a random picture of Travis enjoying the Office last night. I love that show as much as the next guy - as long as the next guy isn't Travis. I don't know if anyone loves it as much as Travis.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Last night at Escape we continued on with our series on 1 Corinthians. The book as a whole is a huge call to leave sin behind and walk in righteousness. Cody challenged the students last night to treat there sin like the cancer it is. To cut it out of their lives and deal radically with it. We gave them the opportunity to write the sin that they can't get rid of down on a piece of paper and literally hammer it to a cross we had at the front (the same cross that my dad made that got him first involved at cornerstone - longer story later). 80 out the 120 students put their sin on the cross. Today is the day we see what will come of it.

After Escape I got to talking to one of the girls about her sin issue. I remembered Cody talking about sin being a cancer - I just recently had a potentially cancerous spot cut out of my leg. The spot was just a weird mole - not too big. I had it tested and it turned out to be NOT cancer, but it was something that COULD one day turn into cancer so the doctor asked me to have it removed. I already had a small scar from getting it tested so I thought "sure, just put another scar on this scar - no big deal". Boy was I wrong! They cut out the spot, anything close to the spot, and anything close to that! They cut out anything that could ever lead to the spot growing back! They left me with a 4 inch scar on my leg!

That's how we are to deal with sin. Cut it out! Cut out everything that causes you to sin, and everything that might cause you to sin, and everything that's close to that. Then you'll be safe. Then you'll be pure. Then you'll be ready to heal.


Tonight: Chill, relax, prepare, laugh at TV
Friday: Marshalltown Vs Ames football game
Saturday: E-mazing Race! Set up 11-2, event 2 - 7
Girls overnighter, Guys camp out 8pm - 11am
Savannah spend the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa

Sunday: Finish up sleepovers 11am - noon
Desire to go to the International food fest in Des Moines
Connection group 5:30pm
Crash 8pm

Here's some pictures of Savannah playing at the park for Travis:

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mrs Pierce, reporting in

Travis has conferences tonight and tomorrow and wont be home until after 8pm. He might not even get to see Savannah so I'm blogging about our day for him. He can't check facebook at work, but I guess he can check this - So Just for you Travis - he's what we've been doing...

I made pancakes this morning. When I was pregnant with Sav I made pancakes every day and got really good at it! Obviously I'm a little rusty!

This is Savannah enjoying her first bite..... or not enjoying it.
Savannah loves to tease our dog so today I showed her how to nicely give him a treat. Went well. He's pretty good at taking them gently so I wasnt too worried that her whole hand was in his mouth.
These are from the other day. She finally found a lovey to play with! She loves this bear that Hope Arthur gave her. She hugs it and feeds it and reads to it and sometimes she give him the business.

This is my leg today - it's gross. I had a questionable spot cut out of it yesterday. I guess they were worried it would grow into something else someday so the dr just took the entire thing out. It's pretty sick.

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