Friday, December 30, 2011


We had an excellent Christmas 2011.  There's just too much to really write all about it - so I'm just leaving pictures and small captions.  Highlights: Savannah loving all things dresses and make up, too many people at church that we literally couldn't get a seat, Oklahoma, and Jesus' Birthday. 

 I love our church.  And unless you went to Cornerstone for Christmas Eve - I bet you didn't hear the word "diarrhea" from stage at your church service.

Dress number one.  From my Aunts and Grandma.  Savannah hated to take it off.  She thinks she's a bride.

This things as tall as Savannah and was a surprise gift left on our porch from my dad.

Santa put up streamers when he came.  Savannah was pretty impressed.

My dad made Savannah this shield and a sword.  She's pretty tough with it.  

Savannah did the best yet on our 8 hour car ride to "HopaHoma".  

And did I mention Morgan Ferry came down with us?  And what would a trip to Pryor be without filling up for the day at Carls Junior?

Dress number 2.  The hat really sells this one :)

Nope, Aunt Sis, those will not fit you.

Pipes plus guns....must be the south...

Birthday cake for Jesus.  It says "Happy Birthday Jesus - I love you. - Savannah".  

And then later will fill up at Braum's.....

After all the Christmas festivities we go to check out the Oklahoma Aquarium.  It was pretty cool  We could pet and hold all kinds of things - star fish, strip, crabs, sting rays.....

And they had SHAAAARKS!!!

And finally we made it home - Travis and Savannah were happy to be back on their couch doing what they love and do best!

Saturday, December 24, 2011


We've been working hard and gearing up for Jesus' birthday and Savannah's first experience with understanding Santa!  We've also been getting pretty crafty around here - thanks to my new favorite website....

Today we made gingerbread cookies for Santa, then Travis and Savannah penned one another's note's to Santa.  The top one was what Savannah said and Travis wrote out - the bottom one is what Travis said and Savannah wrote out.  Not sure why she thinks I need another purse.....

Here she is working on some ornaments we made out of paint brushes.

Nativity door hanger.  Just cut and paste :) 

Savannah also got crafty with Jasey.  They made a "gingerbread" house. 

My dad and Sav made this bird house.  I've actually only seen birds eating from it once.  They'll catch on....

 We decided this year to not buy wrapping paper.  Instead I started getting paper bags instead of plastic and we wrapped stuff in the bags.  I went to our favorite paint store (Sherwin Williams) and got some color sample cards and used those to make gift tags.  
Time for some celebrating!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

whip stick

Savannah's been REALLY into make up lately.  She has some of her own that I gave her, but of course, she always want to use mine.  I've also started rewarding good behavior around here by letting her wear her "messy whip sick" (a tube of purple/pink lip stick i got for 99 cents).  I caught Ms Thang in the bathroom checking herself out yesterday:

Friday, December 16, 2011

Interview with Savannah

Check this girl out in her high class "Jem" / Glam Country Star dress and her hand crafted (by grandma) cupcake apron with a candy necklace to boot.  Can you believe this was the first time I ever let her lick the beaters?

Interview with Savannah: 
What's your favorite color? : Pink and Blue
What's your favorite movie?: Blue Cinderella
What's your favorite kind of candy?:  All kinds of candy. And I like fruit snacks also.  And white marshmallows also. 
What do you want to do when you get big?: Learn how to cut with scissors. 
What's your favorite thing to wear?: Dresses!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All I want for Christmas...

Savannah wanted to make a video for Santa...of course once I finally got all ready to do it, she wasn't as ready anymore.  But here it is.  

The motorcycle she's talking about is a motorized scooter from Walmart she saw - but she DOES NOT NEED TO GET IT.  It's pretty easy to convince her that she wants something different so I'll probably bring her to the dollar store soon and show her all the cool stuff there that she ACTUALLY wants from Santa.  

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


 We went to Target today and then had a few extra errands to run so we stopped into McDonalds for a quick snack, some water and some coffee.  It was only like 10:30am so the morning breakfast/coffee/ retiree crowd was still there.  Savannah couldn't resist flirting with one of the old guys!  It was super cute.  Look at that sass face!

She kept trying to creep past him and then would quick run away.

Gotta get some water and rehydrate from all that playing.  
I decided after today that I really want to work at getting us in to visit at a nursing home.  Savannah would love it, and so would the people that live there.  She's so friendly and so fun!

Monday, December 5, 2011

I Pureed my Pumpkin

We decided to paint our pumpkins this year rather than carve them.  I liked this because Savannah could actually do it herself.  She loved it because she could make the whole thing pink.  
About 2 weeks after Halloween I saw our pumpkins just hanging out on the front step and started thinking about all the things you could probably make out of one pumpkin.  I googled it and found out that it is SO EASY so make your own pumpkin puree from a pumpkin!

All I had to do was 1.Wash the pumpkin.  2. Put the entire pumpkin in a 350 degree oven for about 2 hours. 3. Stab it with a knife to make sure it was soft and done.  4. Cut chunks off of it (and slice off the seeds) and throw it in the Ninja.  

I ended up with about 8 cups of pumpkin.  Thats about 6 cans of pumpkin.  I used half of it that day to make pumpkin bread, muffins, and pumpkin butter (after all, it was close to thanksgiving).  The rest I poured into muffin tins and froze.  

Martha Stuart's got nothin on me!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Bein' a kitchen

Sav came up with a new term - Bein a kitchen.
It's a cross between "Payin attention" and "Being Careful" - two things we must be telling her a lot these days.  I love it.

Here she is IN the kitchen using the dishwasher as a jail for some of her toys.  

face paint

A couple weekends ago we took Savannah down town for a winter festival thing.  Let me say - it's just WAY TOO COLD here to have a fun winter festival.  All the walking between stores was not worth the 3 cookies Savannah barely decorated and ate.  They also had a horse drawn carriage that we couldn't get ourselves to ride.

The high light was Savannah getting her face painted at Heroic Ink (the tattoo shop we go to) - funny story ....

Savannah wanted a princess on her cheek. She kept talking about it on the way there.  When we got there she pointed to the sheet below to the face with a candy cane on it.
Me: "you want the candy cane?"
Sav : " No, that one" - pointing to the candy cane face
Me: " you want the face with the candy cane?"
Sav: " No - I want the face!  The princess face"

She wanted the actual face on her face. Not the candy cane.

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