Sunday, June 21, 2009

reasons why I haven't been blogging #1

I know that my public has been waiting for almost a week for more blog from me. Thank you for waiting so nicely while I live my life.
No really - we've been way busy this week doing fun outside stuff so I haven't had time to blog or anything else inside. Our house is a pit too. So for those of you who actually look to see what's up with the Pierces - here's some of it.

We went boating today for Father's Day. We have had an annual Family Fishing Tournament for probably at least 7 years now. I always win. Only day of the year I fish and I win. It really frustrates my dad and Travis.
Savannah enjoyed the lake today too!

I'm teaching her to swim (float, kick, and hold her breath). This was step one to a life jacket.

This picture pretty much summarizes our family. We love summer.

Nattie came over - we got all the cool stuff in our back yard. Come on over!

Savannah LOVES brushing her teeth with me. It's cute.

Here's proud Travis with a radish from our garden.

We've been taking Savannah to Carr Pool to swim some in the big pool -
And to Brookside to play in the wading pool.
She loves to find and play with all the other kids and not with mommy.
Until next week....or so....

Monday, June 15, 2009

saturday o fun

We started the day with the hospital's Run For Hope going right past our house! Savannah and I sat on the porch and waved at the run
ners. I have to admit, I felt a little guilty sitting in our jammies while a hundred or more people RAN by... but Savannah enjoyed it. Maybe next year...

We spent the rest of the morning at the park enjoying the celebration. Savannah loved it! Way to go Hospital for putting on a fun family day.
It ended with Savannah pushing her stroller backwards most of the way home. Then one of her first real toddler fits (not pictured). I carried her screaming and wiggling for two blocks. Everytime I put her down she laid on her face on the sidewalk and cried. Here we go...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

She wants to use the spoon herself!

In other news - here's what's up with us this week:

Savannah grew 2 shoe sizes in the last two weeks. I just got her a new pair of size 3 crocks (the target kind, not the real kind) and today I noticed that they were falling off a lot. I took her into Payless at the mall, where they measure the kid's feet for you and turns out she's in a size 4 now. So they were having a BoGo and Sav got two red hot (pink hot rather) pairs of summer shoes.

Also - still working on the formula/soy milk and bottle/cup switch. It's rough going. I really didn't think it would be too hard but the soy milk is messing with her tummy/diapers and she wont sit still and drink a cup of milk.
Along with that comes some weird sleep issues. Earlier this week she was sleeping like crazy. Today she's not so much. Both times I laid her down for a nap it took her at least 30 minutes to get to sleep and tonight she woke up for an hour about 45 minutes after she went to bed. I hope we're not in for a long night.

On an up turn, Travis was playing "I'm gonna gettcha" tonight with Savannah on the porch. I we sitting on the steps with my arms open telling her "come to mommy". Every time he chased her she would look right into my eyes with a big smile and run straight to me. It was the best. Then I chased her and instead of running to daddy, she ran in circles. It seems that when daddy gets her it's much worse than when mommy gets her. I'm okay with that.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Out with the old

Last week one day I got all upset with MediaCom and canceled everything we had with them.  I wont go into all the details (although I kind of want to just to give them even more of a bad name) but let's just say their customer service was lacking... a lot....because they don't have any.  So like I said, I came home and just canceled it all.  

I then signed up with Qwest for our internet and two days later with Dish Network for our TV.  It's all working okay, Travis and I are both not only lazy, but also a little ignorant when it comes to technical stuff like this so we have cables going everywhere and have yet to figure out how to get the DVD player to work without unplugging the Dish box and I keep having to reprogram the remote. Also, the qwest guy said he gave us a wireless modem, but I can't figure out how to get past the login / password.   HELP!  :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What you've missed

So early last week I got all fed up with MediaCom and just cancled everything!  So we've been without internet or tv really for a few days.  It's been alright, but here are some of the pictures I would have posted had I been able to.  

We've been into gardening around here.  Above is Savannah's new garden, below is the peoni plant that is infested with what I think is fire ants!  They attacked me over the weekend.  

Some fresh garden things.... Can't wait until we're just picking dinner from the yard every night!
We took Savannah boating this weekend.  It was her first time (that she remembers anyway).  Here she was actually screaming with JOY!
She played in a bucket of water on the boat.  Travis was pouring cold lake water on her and she LOVED it!  That's my girl.  

This is her friend Max.  He's a much nicer baby than she is.  But we still love her.  She's learning. I'm pretty sure she stole the twig from him right before this. 

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