Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pinning and Winning (and failing)

As you may have figured out, I do spend a LOT of time on Pinterest.  I love it.  Have I told you about how I justify it by saying it's like Facebook only not obnoxiously shallow and nosey?  Yea - it's like the classy, mature, adult version of Facebook.  Right?

Well I also have this thing with Pinterest where I can't just pin things - I have to do them.  All the things I have just waiting in my boards loom over me all the time.  It's like they're just taunting me saying "here's more stuff you want to do but won't ever get the time for".   So it seems like I do a lot of pinning and doing, but in comparison to all the things waiting for me, I way way way behind.

Low and behold - here are the latest Wins and Fails:

Okay, this is a bad one to start with since we haven't even started it yet.  But I looked up some stuff on "resurrection eggs" last week and didn't like any of them.  Then I found this little deal.  I think I'm going to get one of those GIANT eggs from Hobby Lobby to put all the stuff in every day and just put some candy in little eggs for the count down.  

Okay, so this was actually kind of a cute idea.  It's a bag with little things (snacks, hair ties, face wipes...) that a lady might want during birth.  The reason it was a fail was that I didn't get it to the momma until the day AFTER she gave birth.  I had to change some things out.  Whoops.  So it's kind of a win...but also not for me. 

I cleaned my coffee pot a couple months ago (another Pinterest WIN) and it was a huge success, so when I found this little idea I was sold.  Why why oh why did I not think of this before.  Just run white vinegar through the cycle!  And some other tricks.  We've had much cleaner dishes since I did this.  

I made this for a cook out and I don't think anyone other than me and Travis ate them.  But they're covered in garlic, so we didn't mind bringing a whole bowl home!  Easy and nom nom nom.....

So Tyler Farner thought this was a great idea - but I was disappointed with how it turned out.  I'd rather have a brownie AND a Cadbury egg - separate.  The eggs cooked down a little too much and got pretty chewy.  Skip it. 

Eat This Chart
It's okay that the picture is too small for you to really see it, because you don't need to.  It's a list of "good things" to eat when you're craving "bad things".  Really though - if I want some Doritos, a handful of peanuts is NOT going to do the job.  I tried using their suggestions a couple of times but nope.  I just ended up eating this AND that.  

This I just like.  

There you have it.  Another addition.  I know there isn't any really good crafty things this time around.  But be patient.  It got all nice outside so I haven't been crafting.  Except for the lion had prints Savannah did a few posts back - i'd call those a WIN.  Until next time!

What we like outside right now

We have been having so much fun enjoying outside.  This is just a little snip it of what we've been up to.  
More Savannah walking Brisco.  It's one of her new favorite things to do.  They're kinda of a great couple together because they both want to run all over the place.  He doesn't even pull her too much.  And Savannah's been really good at stopping at corners and waiting.  She's getting to big!

Oh hey - look what I spray painted :) I didn't even know we had these old flamingos, but then I found them in a box in the basement.  They were pretty faded, so I just went with it.  This one's for you Leann :) 

Travis got some new training wheels on this bike so now Savannah can fly.  She wants to ride all the time.  This day they were out in the rain.  She takes putting her helmet on pretty seriously. 

Hope you're enjoying your spring time too!

Friday, March 23, 2012

And another one to the bunch

I mentioned a few weeks ago about going to lunch with my two preggo friends and their kids and how crazy that was.  Well - both babies have successfully made it into the world now!  So our little bunch now has 6 kids instead of 4!  

We went up to see the newest - Thatcher - the other day. 

Savannah just had a blast playing with the blankets and the big sister Eisley.  

Congrats to all the families around us with new babies and new craziness!  Good luck to you all!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Craft Corner

It was rainy today, and we were going to see some friends at a retirement home later, so Savannah and I decided to do some crafting.  I found an idea on Pinterest to make lions out of hand prints.  Seems simple enough. 

Yeah, she's the one that puts the glue stick on her face... :) 

Savannah got a little creative after making a few lions the correct way.  The tall "animal" on that paper is a giraffe.  And you'll see what she's laughing at herself about in the next picture....

Savannah glued eye patches on the princesses on her table - Pirate Princesses.

 Here's what we were going for: 

Splash talk

Travis: Savannah, do you remember when we went to the ocean and you played in the water? (when she was two)

Savannah: Yeah!  And did I have a tail?

Travis:  No, you did not have a tail.

Savannah: Well, then what DID I do?

Guess there's no point in going to the ocean if you're not going to have a tail to use...

picture from our trip summer of 2010

Monday, March 19, 2012

Anyone missing their big kid? I don't know who this is?

For real?  Who is this kid on a big kid bike?  There's no way it's MY Savannah because my Savannah isn't this big yet.  
Okay, so she's not a pro yet.... :) 

Thanks Dewy's for handing down the bike!  It's going to be a fun fun spring!

What's up India?!

We got to spend some time Saturday morning Skyping with our family in India.  It's so awesome that we can have such easy access to them from half way around the world!  It's not the same as if we were hanging out for real, but it's great to be able to hear the stories along with seeing the expression.  

I often am amazed when I think of all the stuff Savannah is growing up with!  Skype is probably the thing that amazes me most - but then there's her leap pad, which is a kid version of an iPad that she plays with by herself for 30 minutes at a time.  Not to mention today when she hurt her foot she came to me and said "momma, take a picture of my cut and send it to daddy!"  There is just so much technology out there that she probably won't even appreciate because she's never known life without it!  Crazy. 

Pretty sure this picture was after Greg was teasing here and she called him stupid :)   

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Girl's best friend

Since that episode of Brisco being sick a few weeks ago, Savannah seems to be extra attached to him.  She keeps saying things like "Ya know what Momma - I never ever want a new dog.  I love Brisco forever and ever."  I think she was really concerned about him.  

Since she's a little bigger now, and he's a little older, sometimes she gets to hold his leash on walks.  Definitely a case of "who's walking who?"

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

not Discovering Patterns

I hosted Savannah's preschool class on Friday.  It was really fun.  
We have a sort of outline that I put together to help us know what topics to teach about - it helps us make sure that the kids don't learn about letter A and the color Red every week.  So for some reason I put down "patterns" as my topic for the week.  Here are the kids making "pattern" prints with cookie cutters.  

Savannah (and one of the other kids) didn't really get it.  But they had fun.  And that's just as good.  At one point I had them in a circle on the floor and I was explaining what a pattern is with blocks - Savannah leaned over to Carter an whispered "Carter, let's pretend we're super heroes right now!".  
I was sitting right THERE teaching her!  Come on!

Other highlights from Friday, when Carter painted his face with finger nail polish when I wasn't looking and when all the kids got super into The book Going On A Bear Hunt.  

photo booth strikes again

Sometimes we just take pictures of ourselves for fun.  Deal with it. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Here's one good thing about :
A. My parent's living close to us
B. My dad's creativity and generosity in building sad a play ground at their house, and 
C. My dad's iPhone always being handy. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Then you can get out and walk....

Last night we were on our way home from a friend's house.  This friend lives less than a mile away.  It was dinner time and Savannah started whining in the car about how "Hungawy" she was.  I told her I didn't have any food in the car and that I'd make dinner as soon as we got home, but the whining persisted for at least 4 blocks.  So finally I pulled over (about 3 blocks from home) and said 
"Savannah, I do not have any food for you in the car, but if you can't wait till we get home than you can get out of the car right here and look for some food outside.  But I'm going to drive home."

The look of fear and surprise on her face was priceless.  
Then she mumbled out "I think I want to drive home with you because I will have no idea how to get home.  I want to wait and eat at home"  Then silence. 

Chalk one up for Momma.  

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

sand castles and splinters

We celebrated the warm weather today and played in our back yard for the first time in forever!
I walked out to find Savannah covered in mud and sand building castles.  I love that she doesn't mind getting dirty.  It was going well for a while... 

 And then not so good.  Two GIANT splinters in Savannah's foot!  You can't tell from the picture but they were all the way in her foot.  And huge. 

She wouldn't let me mess with them and I didn't want to make them worse, so I was going to take her to the doctor.  I took these while we were waiting for our appointment.  

They hurt her really bad but as always, she was super brave. 
My dad ended up coming over with some super power tweezers and getting them both out while I pinned her to the couch.  It was intense!  But she's all okay now.  Maybe this will be what we needed to convince her to wear shoes now!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh Buddy

Our little buddy Brisco was sick last week.  
We had gone to bed around 10pm and he was acting super weird - jumping from the couch to the floor, to the bed, to the floor to the other bed, outside, to the couch, floor, bed, floor....moving every 3 minutes for over an hour.  Finally I got up and tried to help him.  He was obviously in some serious pain.  

I took him to the vet later the next day and we found out he had Pancreatitus.  That basically means that he ate too much people food and his pancreas started eating itself!  The vet gave him some pain killers and some other medicine and sent him home but he said that %80 of dogs end up being hospitalized!  Luckily, after days and days of laying around and not eating anything, Brisco ended up in the %20 of dogs that just get better.  But it was not fun.  And he's more likely to get it again now, so no more people food for this guy. 

The best part of it was watching how much Savannah loved and cared for him.  Brisco is the closest thing to a sibling she has so she was really worried.  She would constantly pat him and say "i'm so sorry you're sick buddy - you'll be better soon".  It was great.  Here's a picture of her in the waiting room at the vet.  She was trying to stay busy while B got x-rayed.  

Ridin Dirty

You aint gonna catch me rid'in dirty!  I got bat girl with me today!

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