Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mommy Donny Day

Here's a couple pictures from the last time Savannah and I hung out just to hang out.  
She's been really really good lately, and I've been really busy with all kinds of meetings and hanging out with people for work.  I told Savannah we were going to have a Mommy Daughter day and we would go to the pet store, and the flower store, and the coffee shop and to the park and she said "okay mommy, but who you gonna talk to?"  
Poor kid.  She just assumes that I'm not going to talk to her.  
Here's the only way I could take our picture together. 

They had kittens at the pet store this time.  Savannah doesn't have much cat experience so it was pretty awesome.  She is so fascinated by all kinds of animals... by anything really.

And I also wanted to mention - Savannah passed the next level of swimming lessons last week!  Preschool II swimming class, you got nothing on this girl!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Babysitter 911

I got this call from Jasey today (who graciously watched Savannah for me today for 4 hours!):
"Wendy!  Come home now!  Savannah pooped in the pool, then I had her take a shower and when I came back in she pooped all over the shower!"


Any advise on this matter is welcome.  How do I get my 3 year old to stop wetting her pants, her bed, and pooping in her pool and in the shower?  She knows how to use the potty, but these "accidents" happen way too often and I feel like intentionally.  

(by the way, i was already on the way home, so I did come home and help her.  And Savannah got spanked this time. )

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ten Minutes to Down Town Iowa City

Travis surprised me last weekend with a trip to Iowa City to see The Get Up Kids.  We used to listen to them when we were dating and even had one of their songs played at our wedding.  They "broke up" a long time ago, so it was really fun / nostalgic to see them again.  I dont think they have a song I dont like.  

Clint loves the Get Up Kids too.  They were popular when we met Clint, when he was in high school.  Since he lives in Iowa City it was only natural that he came with us to see them.  Like old times!
Jasey didn't discover The Get Up Kids until a couple years ago, but we let her in the club anyway since she loves them just as much as we do.
 I just realized that we all matched!  I was wearing a grey tank top.  I bed we looked super dorky!  Awe man!

Yeah, Travis and Jasey got their picture taken with guys from the band.  They both said they felt super cheesey, but it was worth it.  This is seriously one of the best bands ever.  No one makes music this good anymore.  (Does that sound like an old person talking or what?)


My grandma Sue was in town last week.  It's always fun to see her.  Most of my life she has lived miles and miles away.  She's our namesake.  Or are we hers?  Not really sure how that works... But she's Sue Grable, my mom is Julie Sue Charlson, I am Wendy Sue Pierce, and Savannah is Savannah Sue Pierce. 

My Grandma Sue is really into genealogy, i mean REALLY into it.  She spends loads of time looking into who was who and where they lived and how they are related to everyone else.  So of course we always take a picture of the 4 generations of ladies when she's here.

I'm really glad that Savannah gets to know all her Grandparents pretty well and that she even gets to spend time with her Great Grandmas every once and a while.  She's a pretty lucky little girl!

How could I not???

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Fantastic Fourth of Fuly

Here's kind of late update on what we did on the Fourth of Fuly (everything is more fun with alliteration)

There was some boating involved, as usual. 

I dont have pictures, but I should mention that this weekend was Savannah's first time tubing behind the boat! She hated it.  The whole time she just complained and asked if we could stop and go swimming.  Oh well.  Someday she'll understand the thrill of it all.

Travis ran the 5K on the Fourth.  He hadn't run in at least a month, maybe 2.  He did pretty good.  His goal was to do it in 25 minutes and he ran in at 25:14.  Wouldnt you know it!?

When people started running in I got Savannah to clap for them.  It's so fun to get her involved in doing stuff and teaching her about how to appropriately fit into what everyone is doing.  She loves it when she knows she's doing what is right to do.

Savannah also started playing this "game" where she walks around with her eyes shut all the time....and sometimes she runs.  It's weird, but super funny!  Especially when she runs into people we dont know.

Here's Savannah Sue with Great Grandma Sue at the Parade.  It was a hot day, but I'd way rather have that then the cold day we had for VEISHA this year.  The parade was pretty short too.  Afterwards we went back to our house and swam for a bit.  Perfect Fourth of Fuly stuff!

Here's the eyes shut game to the extreme.  Putting stuff over your face and running around like a crazy person.

Last year we were in Florida on the Fourth so we stayed up late and watched fireworks from the balcony on the beach.  This year we went out to the park.  Travis was really excited that I approved Savannah trying out sparklers this year.  She was really into it for about 10 minutes.  Then she found a glow stick in my bag and got distracted.  She spend the entire time during the fireworks trying to not get tired.  She didnt watch them at all.  She just messed around.  Truth be told, I dont really like them very much either. I spent the entire time playing music on my ipod speakers.

Well, that's a wrap!

More of the Same

I know, you're probably totally sick or seeing pictures of us in the water... but guess what?  IT'S NOT GONNA STOP!  As long as there is sun to be soaked in, we will be in the water.  So, if you're tired of it, then you might as well check out from this blog for the next 2 - 3 months.

Brag time :  My kid is a really good swimmer.  Just saying.  She's in her second swimming class of the year and she can actually really swim through the water and under my legs.  She can dive down and get stuff.  She loves swimming in the lake and in the pool and going down the water slide at the Aquatic Center.  I'm pretty proud of her.  Water is kind of a big deal in our family.  Here's some pictures:

Back Yard Pool 

Big Awesome City Pool 

Big Brave Savannah  

And a little Lake action too......

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