Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Florida Day 1

So, Day 1 isn't officially Florida yet.  We're staying at a Hotel in Minneapolis because our flight takes off tomorrow morning at 7:45am.  We left Ames around 2 this afternoon and drove straight up here.  We had planned on Savannah sleeping on the way up, but that didn't happen.  She was pretty quiet most of the ride. She watched the Little Mermaid twice.  Travis loves that I know the lyrics to all the songs - actually, he loves how serious I take myself when I sing the songs.  We went right to the Mall of America when we got to town.  Got some hot deals on some jeans, shirts, and a tutu.  Then we tried to hit up Ikea for dinner, but it turns out we were 30 seconds too late!  So forget Ikea (until we fly back into Minneapolis anyway) and we had dinner at Subway.  I had forgotten to print off our itinerary from Expedia so I didn't even know where we were staying tonight. Totally unlike me.  But luckily I got ahold of Jasey who did some quick work on the computer and found it for me.  We got here, spent about 30 minutes settling in, and put Savannah to bed in her pack and play.  This is our first Hotel stay with Savannah.  I sat in the bathroom while Travis sang and read to her. She whined a little when he put her down but went out pretty fast.  Then we came out into the hall way (where I am right now) and messed around on the computer for about an hour.  So.... Day 1 down.  Sweet Jesus, just get us to Florida already!

Monday, June 28, 2010


We had a super fun, super busy weekend.  Where do I even begin.... 

Thusday: Savannah and I wrapped up our mommy and me swimming lessons.  We had a good couple of weeks going and splashing around in 3 ft water for 40 minutes every morning.  I think she did pick up a few things.  She just loves water no matter where or what is happening. 

Friday: We headed to Des Moines for a wedding rehearsal.  Travis was an usher so we had it pretty low key.  We showed up, hung around, then got to eat at Noodle Zoo in the East Village.  It was so good and Savannah got her own "special drink" - yes, that's right Grammy - she had her own orange pop and I gave it to her.  She obviously loved it!

After dinner we went to House of Bricks (a music venu/bar in the East Village).  The couple that was getting married threw themselves a show to make some extra cash.  I heard they did pretty well.  Savannah played with Jackson ( our friends Matt and Tiffany's kid).  Her hair looks so white trash in this picture.   They were shooting some big deer here.  I love that Savannah just jives with whatever we do as long as she can run around. 

Saturday: Our friends the Bartons had a little party to celebrate their second child.  Savannah played with these two 3 year old girls the whole time.  She got to wear a princess dress.  That was the best part for her.  It was fun to just hang out with some friends and catch up.

The wedding in Des Moines started at 7pm, but we got there early.  I roamed around some shops and did some work on the computer.  The groom was our friend Matt Cooper, AKA Coopstar.  We met him when I worked at Franks House of Rock.  He was just a messed up 15 year old then.  Jesus got ahold of his life and now he's finishing up school and going to be a child phycologist. We call HIM now for advice on messed up kids.  We are pretty proud of him. 

Just a picture of the place the wedding was. 
The flowers had peacock feathers in them!

Sunday: We had our regular go to church and then a missions meeting.  Our Panama team is really fun.  We'll be taking a group of 22 down with us July 21- 29th.  We had to give Jasey, Graeme, and Madeline rides home after church. Sav rode home with my parents so Graeme rode in the car seat. He had pop and donut all over his face.

Sunday night our connection group met at Roosevelt school in Ames for some live music and reconnecting.  We love our Connection Group.  They are pretty fun people.  There are a bunch of kids close to Savannah's age, and some older kids too.  Not to mention the parents of all these kids!  We could never do life with out them!

On that night was Dave Zollo and the Body Electric.  They were awesome.  We would love to see them again anytime!
And here we are at Monday.  Today has been filled with teaching school, church staff meetings, packing for Florida later this week, mowing, Bible studies, and now our friends Clint and Miranda (who are leading a group of high schoolers to China tomorrow) are staying with us so it looks to be a late night!  Whew!
Adios Amigos!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dear Running....

Dear Running, 
I must confess... I have always hated you. Remember when I was in 2nd grade learning about health and the teacher said that if we are healthy we could run around the block without feeling tired - well that would have made me tired, so I think that's when I started hating you.  Then in 7th grade when we were told to run the mile, and I was super slow so I just walked... yeah, hated you then too.  Then the summer before I got pregnant you started to seem a little more appealing, but then I got pregnant and tired and I hated you. 

Then this winter something happened.  I was bored with the work out videos, bored with the couch, and decided to give you another try.  We started slowly, but have started spending some good quality time together.  So I will say, I am actually starting to love you.  Do I like the way I feel when we're together - not really.  But you make me feel pretty good when we're apart.  I like you better outside, better with music, and better when I can be with you longer.  Thank you running, for not giving up on me. 
- Wendy Pierce

Annnd a picture for Travis. (he hates it when I don't post pictures of Savannah with every post)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

We had an awesome weekend celebrating dads around here.  
Every year for the last 8 years (since the year before Travis and I got married) we have had an "Annual Father's day fishing tournament - sponsored by mom".  It is the only day of the summer that I really fish - hardly worth the $20 fishing license (thanks mom for buying mine again this year).   My dad, Travis and I all throw out lines and fish all day.  We've had changes in the rules, in the standards, in prizes, and in categories - but one thing never changes - I ALWAYS WIN.... until this year.   Because of all the extra rain we've had recently, fishing was pretty slow going and Travis beat us all. He won "biggest fish", "most variety of fish", and "first fish".  There's always next year. 

Another highlight of the day was when Savannah just couldn't take it any longer and zonked out on the boat for a little over an hour.  She doesn't usually nap out in the open like that so I had some fun taking pictures. 

Things Savannah and I like about both our dad's:
They love their daughters a ton and they let us know it by all the time they spend with us. 
They always try their hardest to do the thing that most glorifies the Lord. 
They are pretty funny and entertaining dudes. 
There isnt' much they wouldn't do for their families. 

We love you guys!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Another awesome week of summer down.  Some highlights: 
- We started parent/child swimming lessons at the Ames indoor pool.  For the most part we just play around in 3 foot water for 35 minutes every morning.  There are only 8 lessons total so I'm okay with it.  If nothing else, Savannah is learning how to swim by watching the older kid's lessons!

- We went to Ada Hayden a couple of times and walked/jogged.  I'm considering getting a jogging stroller.  Travis says he would use it a lot, and I did enjoy the jogging we did with her regular stroller.  Something to consider.  Normally I run on the treadmill when she takes a nap, so it was nice to have that part out of the way and have an extra 40 minutes of free time while Sav was napping. 

- Tuesday night we had a big group of high schoolers over again.  I love our house.  It is so great to be able to have a girls group and a guys group going on at the same time at our house and everyone fits!  I'm really excited about the girls this summer.  We have a fun group.  One bad thing, the upstairs bathroom had a leak in one of the pipes that decided to show itself by busting through the downstairs bathroom ceiling during our groups. Guess it needed to come out sooner or later!

- Tonight we had the privilege of going to the Dodges house for a movie.   First we went to a little get together at the Bramble's (right by the Dodges house) to welcome home one of their daughters.  It was pretty fun.  The Dodges have a 16 year old son named Graeme who is really good with Savannah.  When we went back to their house to watch the movie, Teresa had gotten out this fischer price beauty shop thing for Sav to play with - complete with a hair dryer.  Savannah LOVED playing there!  A little too much.  I was hoping for her to zonk out since it was after 9pm but she just kept going and going and going...  So she and I came home and left Travis there to watch the movie.  That's 2 weekend's in a row that I came home early from a social event to put Savannah to bed and Travis stayed.  I'm okay with it, but I think we're going to work on her sleeping in the packnplay more often at other people's houses. We'll see. 

Here's a picture of swimming lessons.  Savannah's just a little upset with me here cause I'm making her wait to get in so I can take a picture. 

This is a new treat I've been making for Savannah and Travis every day.  It's just a Banana dipped in yogurt and sprinkled with cornflakes.  Then I freeze it for a couple hours.  They both love it and I love the face Savannah is making here. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Gown up much?

Last summer Vs This summer

We didn't go boating this weekend due to the weather, but I dug up a couple of summer water pictures anyway!  

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Let's be real here, most of my pictures and posts this summer will probably be related to the lake, boating, or swimming.  What can I say?  It's what we love about summer!

Savannah is following the foot steps of her momma (who also grew up on a boat or in the pool all summer long).  She loves going  on the "big boat" with grandma and grandpa, but more than that she loves it when we pull up to shore and she can practice swimming.  I'm so proud of her!  She gets in and holds her body up on her hand and kicks with her legs  -  wont be long until she is REALLY swimming!
Swimming is hard work.  You can see the intensity on her face in this picture!

I don't know... is anything cutter than a baby wedgie? 

Savannah is pretty into the worm bucket.  I think it's gross, but I'm not going to stop her.  She loves digging them out and washing them off and giving them to my dad or Travis for their hooks.  She ALMOST put one in her mouth this weekend, but we caught it.  I guess you have to try everything once.

I just love the way that the sky turns out in pictures on the lake.  I'm so glad this is just the start of summer!

Other things that occupy our time:
- Going to parks with friends
- Travis and I started up our summer high school small groups (we had over 30 kids here last night!)
- Hit up the new aquatic center
- Walking to the library
- Watching Finding Nemo

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