Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wipe it already

So, I just have to say - I'm a good mom and I did let Travis wipe her nose AFTER I took the picture.  Priceless. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Four little monkeys

Four little moneys, sitting on the bridge.  
This is Savannah's "preschool" class.  I got to have all the stinkers two weeks in a row and it was pretty fun.  We've been doing this preschool co-op thing all year and it's actually been really great!  At first I didn't have any idea how this was going to work out or what I would do with four 3 year olds for two hours!  So if you're thinking about it - do it!  It has been a huge blessing for me and Savannah.  

I don't know how the other mom's do it when it's their days, but here's how we roll at Pierce Early Education: 
20 minutes free play in Savannah's room
5 minutes talking about the letter of the day and coloring a worksheet form google image
15 minutes doing a craft with the letter of the day
10 minutes games (kicking, yelling, running, jumping...all good things) 
10 minutes songs ( I pick 3 then take requests) 
5 minutes personal reading (i get lots of books on our topic of the day and let the kids look at them by themselves)
10 minutes story time (I read a couple books about the topic of the day)
10 minutes doing something with the topic of the day
10 minutes watching videos on youtube about the topic of the day
FREE PLAY till moms come.  

The library books and google searches really get me going on ideas.  Sometimes I just search "jungle crafts letter J" (or something like that) and I get all the inspiration I need. 

This day we did a relay.  They took turns running stuffed animals from one basket to another.  Then they tagged the next person in.  It was really fun - until one kid got attached to the animal he was supposed to drop off...then they were all attached and we had to just cuddle with the animals.  

Thanks other moms for teaching my girl!  This has been a great experience!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Aint no raining on our Parade!

The annual VEISHA celebration was this weekend.  The weather was rainy and a little cold - but that didn't stop us from having so much fun.  It's actually good sometimes to be able to talk Savannah through non-ideal situations - like, it's raining but we can still be thankful and still have fun!  I'm okay with rain on VIESHA because we'll always say "remember the VIESHA when we sat out in the rain for 2 1/2 hours?" 

My friend Meghan joined us with her family.  Our families get along really well and it's always more fun for Savannah if there are more kids around.  Her kids match mine in energy and cuteness. 

 There was plenty of candy and a few marching bands.  That's about all we need for a good time.  Plus it was at least 20 degrees warmer than last year.  There was really only one float - which was a bummer.  But at least it was a good one!  Who didn't cry when they watched the movie UP?  

SUPER HERO HIGH FIVE!  And this is how my dad spent the morning.  He was taking pictures and video the entire time. I just noticed I got the side of Travis' face in that picture - and he's shoving something in his pie whole!  HAHAHA!

After the Parade we took Savannah to see the animals.  Even though we didn't let the rain ruin our fun, we did let it keep us from exploring too much of campus.  But we still had a great time in the barns.  She got to milk a cow with Grandma and then ride a horse!  Big day for a little lady!  

Friday, April 20, 2012

Naming the public

We were at Fareway yesterday and Savannah pointed out to me that this ladies' name MUST be blueberry.  (so of course I pretended to be texting and took this picture)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Norwex wins again

I know I keep going on about my Norwex stuff -  but when something is this great you have to tell people.  You're probably like "just show us pictures of Savannah!" Don't worry, i got plenty of those coming. 

So what's the big deal?  All these weird stains in the carpet in front of Travis' side of the bed in our room.  Gross.  Where'd those even come from?  What are they?  Is that from sweat off our clothes?  Or did Savannah go crazy with a juice box when we weren't looking?  And why did I leave it there for a couple months?

Who cares?!  Because with just some water and a Norwex cloth - it's all gone! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just a Monday

We had a pretty fun Monday afternoon this week.  I've been trying to get Savannah to sit down and do crafts with me a couple times a week.  I found this one on Pinterest.  When I suggested that we give some of the hands to our new friends at Bickford she said "No, because we have kinda given them a lot of stuff lately".  She's being stingy with her crafts I guess. 

We went to Hickory Park for dinner.  Savannah loves Hickory Park because I introduced her to my life time favorite thing there - Pink Pop!  (Sprite with bubble gum flavoring in it).  It's a favorite stop for daddy daughter date nights too.  They just swing in and get pop.  

Travis and her played in the back yard for a while.  I love that you can hardly see her face in this picture, but what is clear is that she's having a blast!  Have I ever mentioned how much we love warmer weather?  

Monday, April 16, 2012

Blogger Problem

So I'm trying to change my header to this picture and blogger says I've "exceeded my limit" in how many images I can upload.  Anyone had that problem?  It says I need to purchase more storage, but I refuse to believe that in this day and age of free internet tools that I have to pay to blog - so shoot - ideas?

Thursday, April 12, 2012


This is what Savannah was up to at 7:10am today. I put her dress up box in her room and she can't help herself!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Savannah Fannah's

Savannah had three good moments today that I wanted to share.

1. We went to the Dr today and she had to give a urine sample.  I had to work with her on it for 20 minutes.  Singing songs, getting drinks of water, washing her hands...the whole bit.  Then later today she hollered at me from the bathroom at home to show me that she had caught all the urine we could need in her tooth brush cup.  Yaaay.

2. Tonight when Travis put her to bed, first she sang him the Barbie song she'd made up - then when she kept on talking about it Travis told her to "zip her lip".  She likes to pretend there's a real zipper there and zip it up.  It's usually a good way to quiet her down.  Tonight she "zipped" it half way and told him her zipper is broken.

3. Travis was coaching Savannah on good sportsmanship today - her take away was "When I win you say good job Savannah.  And when you win, I will cry."

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The tomb was empty!!!

We started celebrating Easter early this year.  We did an Easter countdown (click here to see all the details of what we did).  Travis and I both agree that it made Easter unexpectedly more meaningful this year for us and it was really fun to do every day with Savannah.  
Last night we buried an egg with a strip of paper in it.  The paper listed how Savannah would have felt if she had seen Jesus die  - "Sad and afraid because I want Jesus to keep me safe". 
Today we dug the egg up and guess what!?  The egg (tomb) was empty!!!!

Since Jesus didn't say buried, he could take all her sadness and fears with him!  That could have been Easter said and done for me.  But it wasn't!  :) 

We gave Savannah a little Easter basket (yes, we are going with the Easter Bunny story this year) - then we all got ready for church.  Here's my girl getting ready to go to her class. 

This is a little out of order, but here's Savannah on the way to church. She said she felt good and looked good because "Jesus is risen, and I have lip stick on". 

 Cornerstone was amazing today.  There was a drama - like a slam poem with action behind it.  It was all scripture.  We really enjoyed it.  I can't put right words to it, so if I post it later, please watch it.  Jesus really did it all for us.  His death for our life.  Why would he do that?  Because He IS the RESCUER! 

We hit up my parent's house for some mmmm mmmm good lunch and quality time. 

We asked Alex and Charissa (The future Registers) to join us for lunch since their families were out of town.  That was really fun.  We've had so many lunches with the 5 of us (me, Travis, Savannah, my Mom and Dad) - I felt blessed to be able to share the food, love and fun we have.  Especially with them. 

Then we finally let Savannah look for eggs.  She and Alex are new friends, so she let him help her.  And she shared and egg that she'd found with each of us!  What 3 year old does that? 

After she found the eggs she went in and found a bowl to dump all the candy into.  I remember always doing that too.  You have to see what your inventory looks like before you start eating so you know how to pace yourself :) 

Easter is my favorite holiday.  
I love what we celebrate on Easter. 
I love spring weather and spring colors. 
I love ham. 
I love our family - both here and far away. 
I love what Jesus did for me. 

Things we cant live without Spring 2012

Another a popular THINGS WE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT headed your way! 
Spring 2012

There are several things that we are loving around here lately, but fewer Name Brands than normal.  Just interests and general loves. 

First to hit up my list - Anchors.  I have "always" loved them.  I first remember loving anchors at the Museum of Martyrs in Tulsa - I learned there that like the Jesus Fish, first generation Christians used anchors drawn in the sand to point people to where their meetings were.  After that I realized how much I love them because I love water and boats and things - thanks to my parents always taking me on the lake.  Anyway - We have this giant on on our wall in the "seasonal" frame.  I also have some necklaces and things.  I don't think I could have too many anchors.  

Another thing I have been excited about lately is earrings.  I know it sounds weird and shallow - but for some reason I have really developed this love for (mostly big and shiny) earrings and I wear them almost every day. Even when I go running.  Also tacky bracelets.  

This one is all on Travis - but unfortunately, I have started adapting.  
Protein.  All things protein.  Travis started a few months ago on a low carb high protein diet.  He's not super duper strict about it, but he has asked for us to not have super carby foods for dinner. He downs protein shakes like it's his side job.  He eats chicken wings for lunch and cottage cheese for snack.  Last week I bought some turkey sticks from Fareway for Savannah and Travis, but ended up eating almost the entire bag by myself.  We can't live without protein...i think that's actually a fact. 

It's my fav.  It's no secret that I love blonde things (hair, the paint color from SW, singers...) but for real, you have to try the blonde roast.  It's so so good.  I've even started bringing my own coffee to places I can get free coffee (like church  or people's houses) because I love it.  So try it - or better yet - get me some more!

Spring break 2012

Party! We are getting crazy around here!  Travis is on spring break and we are living it up!

Monday: This is what happens when someone says "yeah, we can just walk to the grocery store - we aren't getting THAT much stuff"

Tuesday: Don't you love Savannah's nack for combining patterns? Me too. (outside the library). 

Friday Savannah and I stopped by Travis' workout.  It was fun to see her run around and try to exercise   with him.  We want to promote health. 

Other activities from the week: Our whole family went to Bickford Cottage (a retirement home), we went to Des Moines to see some good friends and take Travis to his first trip to Trader Joes,  and Travis got more of his summer school stuff at ISU figured out.  Pretty laid back - and pretty good! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Green House

Last year we to a new play ground for Savannah, which left us with the frame from the hand me down metal swing set she'd been using.  We were trying to figure out just how to get rid of it when my dad suggested "let's make it into a green house".  
So over the last few weekends, that's what we did. 

He had these green house panels just sitting around in his shop - my dad has those kinds of things just around :) We framed it up and Vola! Green house. 

Here's how Travis contributed. (actually, he did move all 300 pounds of it onto the garden, which was very helpful!)

We're growing yellow and read tomatoes, bell peppers, cilantro, cucumbers, lettuce, sunflowers, and Zinas in this puppy.  There's even a shelf for potted plants!  Can't wait to be eating this stuff.  More to come I'm sure!

What's out of place in this picture?

Here's a fun little game - what is out of place in this picture?  
You kinda have to know us to get it right - 
1. Savannah is wearing a velvet leopard print leotard at church.  You can bet that Travis got her dressed that day and brought her out alone.  Sheesh.  
2. Savannah is LINING THING UP!  This girl hardly ever stacks things (like blocks and things) and she NEVER lines things up in a row.  This is  a pretty huge deal that our little whirl wind sat down, sorted the cars from the helicopters, and then placed them in a line.  

Sunday, April 1, 2012

PreEaster baaa

We headed out to a farm pond to go fishing for the first time this year - fishing and water activities are pretty big in our family so it's kinda a big deal our first day out.  Savannah had a hard time with no swimming rule.  The girl just wants to get in!

The place we went has a huge barn that my dad painted. I thought it'd be the perfect place for a photo op, but Savannah was a little nervous about it :)

This girl has NO fear of fish, worms, dirt or anything gross.  The fishing was pretty successful. 

We were pretty lucky to get to pet some little lambs too, especially since Savannah just saw some pictures of Jesus with lambs and was trying to connect the whole "Good Shepherd" deal.  Do you think she liked it? 

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