Friday, May 28, 2010

The Pierce Soup of the day

So it's not really officially summer, but I can already tell what's in store for us!
My baby girls LOVES the water.  She wakes up asking for "mo mo wa wer"!  We have been out in the yard in her pool almost every day this week.  I think she's spend all day long out there if I'd let her.  The last couple day's she's gotten into stunts - like jumping from the deck to the pool, sliding on the slide on her feet, flipping over the sides.  Pretty great!  We start Parent/Child swim lessons on June 14th.  Pretty pumped for them. 

This next picture is a good transition into another way that we've been spending our days this week: 

Can you guess what our two year old is into!  YES!  She is totally into the potty.  She's been interested in it for about a year, but recently has loved going pee pee in the potty a couple times a day.  She will only do it if she doesn't have pants on (underwear is pretty confusing....), but she loves it!  She get's m&ms if she does it, so I'm pretty sure she's been holding some in each time to ensure that she can go again soon and get more m&ms.  She's tricky.  I don't know how long it will be until I can say she's potty trained, but she's pretty much teaching herself so I'm good with waiting.

We went to the park today with some friends.  Here's my friend Laura with her kids, our friend Sarah's kid Roman, and Savannah on the bench swing.  I don't know if the high light of the morning was when Savannah got a grass stain in her white hair from falling over in the grass trying to get a cracker, or if it was when she ate everyone else's snacks.  What can I say, I guess I don't feed her enough at home.

Last Monday night Travis had a cookout with the guys in his small group guys and their dads.  It was pretty awesome. There are a lot of really great dads in that group.  The guys brought sides or desserts, which ended up being a bunch of really good mom-made cupcakes and  bunch of bags of chips!  Go figure.

One of these things is not like the other.... 
Have I mentioned how much I do love Jasey Rebarcak?  She waltzes into a circle with 25 guys (high school boy and there dad's non the less) and sits down to talk.  Who does she think she is?

Savannah's Bike Song

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Zoo - bolishious!

Here are our pictures from Savannah's first trip to the zoo with both of our parents.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves....

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Savannah has been obsessed with owls ever since last September.  She loves them.  I don't know why.  
So for her Birthday I had to make her an owl cake.  

Having never made a "shape" cake before, I enlisted the help of my good friend LeAnn.  She knows what she's doing.  She has 4 kids and has been making their cakes for years.  She was an amazing help.  
She had be bake a 9x13 and a round cake.  I used 2 cake mixes, and 3 cans of frosting.  
First we cut the cake to look like the shape of the owl. The ears are just the scraps from where we trimmed down the body.  
Then we made some light brown frosting for the head, and planned out the rest of the design.  
It was actually way easier than I thought it would be.  So here she is in all her glory!  Savannah's birthday owl cake!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just a story

One time when I was probably in middle school, I was driving some where with my dad.  We were talking about all the new high tech toys out there (video games and crap like that) and I was telling him how much kids needed all that stuff.  He was saying that things in "his day" were much simpler and that he and his friends would just go outside and fine something to play with.  I had barely gotten these words out of my mouth 

"Well dad, kids these days don't just go outside and find a pile of dirt and a stick to play with"
when we turned the corner, only to see right in front of us, a big pile of dirt and two kids hitting it with sticks.  We laughed.  And still laugh.  It was really really funny.  

Just wanted to tell that story for the world wide web today.  

And here's some pictures of my kid. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Where was I all week?


Yep.  The annual Escape22 fund raiser garage sale.  
We spent Thursday and Friday afternoon/night setting it up, and all day Sunday selling the priceless jewels that we donated by people from our church to anyone and everyone that would stop in.  We started with 6 trailer loads of people's donations, and ended up with one trailer load that went to good will - and around $1500.  I call it a win.  Here's a couple things I've learned over the years: 
1.Do the sale in the Northridge neighborhood during the weekend that Northridge has their neighborhood garage sale.  Everyone who loves garage sales will already be out there. 
2. Don't bother to price all 1 million items.  Just ask people for a "Free Will donation".  Then their conscious does the pricing.  God will judge in the end :)
3. The more people at the garage sale already, the more people will come to it.  Meaning: have people who's job it is at the sale to just hang around.  If people drive by and see lots of people there then they will think it's a hoppin place to be!  
4. Remember, this too shall pass ....... 

It was a great week!  Thanks to everyone who supported us.  

I promise, the next post will feature more pictures of Savannah. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Modesty Violation!

So I'm preparing you - this video is pretty bad.
I really almost cried as I was watching it. These poor girls have no idea what they are putting out there. I can't even imagine how confused they'll be in Junior high and high school. I'm a pretty big advocate for modesty, and sometimes I might even go a little overboard, but come on!
Travis and I want Savannah to understand modesty and have decided that we don't want Savannah to wear anything now that we don't want her wearing in high school (like a bikini or low cut shirt) - we'll add scandalous dancing to that. AH!

Friday, May 7, 2010

The moment we've been waiting for....

Are you ready? I have been waiting for this since last spring when my dad and Travis came home with truck loads of wood and left it in the back yard. It's going to host dinners and many relaxing summer afternoons. Because of it, we can now walk around our entire front porch. What is it? Well.... Savannah is enjoying it in the picture below..... It's ... our new...


I don't know if I could have made that build up any more dramatic. But seriously, it's great. Travis and my dad and a few high school boys built it last weekend. That part of our yard has always been nasty weeds so it's fun to have something better.
Here's just a couple pictures of a dance party Savannah and I were having. She loves dancing. Her favorite dance partner is her own reflection in the oven door. Kids...

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