Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I need some help here!

Okay, I have a few problems. I'll layout the problems, and you hit me up on facebook or email me ( with your advice - for some reason people can't comment on my blog... i dont know. But I really need help!

Problem #1 - I'll just say it. Savannah keeps pooping in the bath tub!!! 4 times in a little over a week. Actually, I think she's only had one bath in the last 2 weeks that she didn't do it. I just turn around for one minute, and when I look back - there's poop in the tub. I'm looking for ways to stop this (I keep telling her "no poo poo in the bath!" before and after it happens, but that's not working). I'm also looking for tips on cleaning it up......

Problem #2 - Travis and I will be hosting our annual Christmas Party of small groups present and past (with all our Escape small group kids) and I need some new game ideas! To tell you the truth, I don't think I can play silent pictionary and "the envelope game" one more time! Any good ideas on group party games would be appreciated!

Problem #3 - We decided to host TWO Thanksgiving dinners with international students this year. Last year we did one with a few students from China and it was a blast! So we are having one the day before Thanksgiving and one the day after. I'm not a cook. Does anyone have any really easy ideas for food/sides/dessert? HELP!

Okay - advise away!


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