Thursday, January 14, 2010

The biggest thing

I've been thinking a lot lately about what God's done for me. We have such a great and good God! He has given me so much! Let's just start with the obvious: An awesome family (that loves and trusts God), an amazing church, a home, some food, a job doing something I love, lots of things I want, and everything I need. All those things are soo good! Even great! But there is something that God has given me that's even better! An understanding of HIS will! I am so thankful that when I decided to follow Christ, He decided to show me how! As I look at the world around me lately, I have just been overwhelmingly greatful that I have a compass to follow that will never let me down, leave me behind, or point me in a direction that would be harmful to me. By pointing my life in the direction that God is guiding it I can have confidence in every single choice I make and every single step I take. Is that something big or what?


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