Saturday, April 24, 2010

Things I can't live without, Spring 2010

So as we head into yet another season at the Pierce home, I thought it an appropriate time to send a shout out to some of the "most used products" of the season around here.

I'll start my list here with a shout out to Fusion plastic spray paint. I've been repainting all kinds of things around here. Last week I painted a couple nasty looking white lawn chairs we had. They're red now. Bright, awesome red. I also painted a little chair in our living room. Amazing what a fresh coat of spray paint (used approximately 2 cans per chair @ $3.50 each) can do to bring a fresh look for spring!
These Post-It notes have a magnet on the back. They are pretty long and they make my list making lifestyle a breeze. At any given time I may or may not have up to 5 sticky note lists on my fridge. Warning: Imitation brands do not hold up nearly as well.
And who hasn't caught me texting this spring? Couldn't do it with out my LG Rumor! QWERTY is the way to be!
So here's one I'm looking to replace... I've been using these disinfectant wipes all over the house. I'm not partial to brands on these - what ever is cheap. But if there is a good way to make them and save some dough - someone let me in on that!
And save the best for last! Tiny Diner! You rock our lives!
We got this portable place mat for Savannah at Toys are us. It rolls up into itself and is great for restaurants. Since Savannah switched recently from her high chair to the booster seat, we have found it great at the table at home too. It suctions to the table so she cant flip it over, and when dinner is over, I just bring the whole mess over to the sink to wash. I recommend this as a baby gift to anyone. MUST HAVE.
Keep any eye out for our next review, probably sometime mid July when we bring you "must haves of summer 2010". I know you're on the edge of your seat!


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