Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Derby Dames vs Denture Dames

 Saturday night Travis took me on a surprise date in Des Moines.  I had been wanting some new clothes so we went to Plato's Closet.  That place is kinda hit or miss, but this time it was definitely a hit.  I like shopping with Travis because he likes me and likes everything I try on so he usually gets me whatever I want.  That sounds totally self involved...well, it is.  I have been on this roller derby kick ever since we watched Whip It a few weeks ago (see my blog from about a month ago for more details) so Travis took me to see the Des Moines roller derby season opener.  The Des Moines Derby Dames is the name of our local team.  We had "suicide seats" which just means that there isn't enough seating in the place so some people have to sit on the ground by the track.  I liked sitting there though because we were more in on the action.  There wasn't as much hitting and elbow throwing as I'd hoped but there was plenty of shoving.

This is "Stella Italliano".  She's our best Jammer. Travis would get sooo excited when she jamming. 

Sunday morning was a bit of a change up.  We took a bunch of our high school students to a nursing home in town.  We just talked with them and hung out with them for about an hour.  It's amazing how much I dredded it, but then ended up enjoying it.  Of course it helped that one of our students played Piano for about 20 minutes, which took the pressure off conversation.  And of course Savannah came and brought plenty of entertainment.  I'm thinking Savannah and I might go more often.  Maybe I'll have her draw some pictures to deliver there or something.  

Travis loves people. All people.  That's one of the things I love most about him.  He's really good at conversation and connecting.  He spent most of his time talking with Charlotte who asked him at least 6 times where we live.  Either her memory is running out, or I can expect an 85 year old women at my door step any second.  


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