Friday, June 15, 2012


I haven't been writing a lot in my blogs lately. There's just too much to do, plus I do everything on my iPhone now which severely slows down my typing. But I was feeling a little guilty today that I had not yet reported a couple of Savannah's most awesome moments as of late.

The other night when Travis was putting savannah to bed she told Travis she was going to pray and ask God if He would make her fly.  So she closed her eyes for a few minutes and prayed.  Then Travis said, "What do you think He said?" - Savannah said "He said, YES, NO, YES, NO! Our God is silly!".  We think she thinks God and Travis have the same sense of humor.

We were driving the other day and savannah said she wants to live in a house as big as the sky.  I told her God has a house bigger than the sky and he is preparing rooms for US in it!  She asked if she could pray and ask God to make her room pink, so I told her to go ahead.  This was her prayer (out loud) " Dear God, please make my room in your house in heaven pink, and put pictures of Brisco in it because I loooooove Brisco.  And put pictures of me in daddy's room because he loves me so much. And we love you God.  Amen."


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