Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Travis taught last night at Escape. He teaches a few times a semester and seems to really enjoy it and a lot of the students really like it too. He's a good teacher. We normally have about 130 high school students at Escape. He was teaching about humbly serving the people around you and compaired it to him showing Savannah he loves her by serving her and meeting her needs - and wouldn't ya know it - it got a little teary eyed. He loves Savannah so much. He said he was fine until he looked over and saw her playing in the back. Here's a picture of Savannah at Escape. She's wearing her head phones because it's during the worship part and it's really loud!

Wednesday nights are usually really crazy for us. Travis gets home around 5, we eat and head out to the church at 5:30, I help a little with D6, then we go to Escape from 7-10ish. Savannah is a trooper though. Here's how she ended her night. Dead to the world. Atta Baby.


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