Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mi Casa, Tu Casa

When we were trying desperately to sell our house on 13th Street, I prayed and told God that if he would give me a bigger house and a bigger living room, then I would be so hospitable and use it for whatever he wanted... Despite my immature bargaining, God gave me what I wanted.

Sunday was a little crazy though. We had some friends and their two girls over for lunch after church. About an hour later, we had about 25 kids over to watch the super bowl and eat deer tacos. This Friday I'm planning to have a few more friends over with their kids. Crazy? Na. Faithful? Yes. A little dumb? Maybe.


The girls made a tent and pulled Savannah in to play! Her first blanket "fort".

Our living Room during the Super Bowl on Sunday.



Aww, is that Jos and Bella? Three cute girls! Love the blog.

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