Monday, February 9, 2009

House Of Hair/Amanda

I got my hair cut this weekend! The last hair cut I had was Labor Day weekend. Since then I've been "trimming" it on my own with a straight razor I bought a while ago. It was a really good investment, but has left me with some really funky spots in my hair. One of the reasons I have been so bad about getting hair cuts is that I haven't had a person that I wanted to keep going to. So I found what I was looking for - House of Hair. It's down stairs from Jimmy Johns on main street. The first time I went down there I wasn't totally sure that I was going to the right place, but once you hit the bottom of the stairs you know you're there. It has a really cool vibe. Kind of retro -ie. Amanda cut my hair. She did great! Totally listened to what I liked about my hair and what I hated and talked about future plans. I got away with a great hair cut for $25. Here's the number : 515-232-0474. I should put a picture of my hair up but I didn't shower today.

It has been so nice here the last few days! I took Savannah and Brisco on a walk Saturday. Savannah could not get enough of of laughing at him. Sometimes things crack her up and I have no clue why!



I LOVE your hair! I meant to say something Sunday but kept forgetting when I got the chance. I just may have to check that place out. I used to go to a girl in Huxley but she moved a year ago and now I'm a hair orphan. Also loved the bottom picture of Brisco. it almost looks like he's just walking on his hind legs! HA!

J and J Masson

you have a blog! woohoo!

The Grout Family

can't wait to see the new do! i bet it looks fab!!! love the pic of savannah!

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