Thursday, April 30, 2009

One Life.

Travis and I got to head out to the church tonight for Anthem.  It's an awesome time to worship with the next generation of Christ followers.  They were recording tonight so they gave it two shots in the auditorium - we went at 7pm with about  600 other people!!  The place was totally full of the Spirit of God!  The Anthem band has written a whole bunch of original songs - Here's the link to a video of one of my favorites: 

Some pictures of the night: 
Above: A proud moment for me.  I have a long and special history with both of these guys and it's such a God thing to see them leading a song like this together!  I went to high school with Ryan and got to see God transform him then - Alex was an 8th grader when we met him and we say God rock his world a couple years later. 
Below: Here's just some of the tech stuff in the back for sound and recording.

Above: Haleigh has such an amazing voice!  I can't wait for this song on my ipod!  I can also report that Mark Arant (in back with his arms stretched) did not present the shoulder shimmy last night as he has done on previous occasions. 
Below: The view from the back. Who gets to be a part of this kind of thing in their church?  Really?

When we got home I put Savannah to bed and was really lead to pray for her as one of the NEXT next generation of worshippers. How I pray that when she is old enough to get it that her heart will well up with the joy and love of the Lord as mine did tonight!  He is Mighty and Holy and Awesome and He CHOSE US!  Amen. 


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