Friday, April 10, 2009

She came, She conquered

This was another big week for Savannah.  
Here she is climbing the stairs with Brisco.  I love that I took the picture just as they were in step with eachother.  Brisco races past her and looks down from the top of the stairs so I was pretty lucky to get this.  
We went outside and ran up and down the side walk in front of the house for the first time.  It was around 5pm so a lot of people were walking by on their way home from work.  Savannah would follow them for as long as she could see them.  She has no sence of "stranger danger" yet. 
Our friends the Dewhursts gave Savannah this Dora walker toy.  She enjoyed pushing it until she found out that it plays wonderful songs if you push the bottons on the front. 
This is a special suprize for you to see!  It's the nasty hair ball from all the dog hair I hand scrapped off the stairs thismorning.  It was a special joy for me and now for you.  SICK!


Team Dewhurst

She's got stuff to do!! She always seems to be on a mission! LOVE the picture on the stairs. That will be cute forever :-)


Some things are better kept to yourself, for your own personal joy. Yep, talkin about the dog hair. Did the dog also shed off the hershey kiss paper? haha

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