Sunday, June 21, 2009

reasons why I haven't been blogging #1

I know that my public has been waiting for almost a week for more blog from me. Thank you for waiting so nicely while I live my life.
No really - we've been way busy this week doing fun outside stuff so I haven't had time to blog or anything else inside. Our house is a pit too. So for those of you who actually look to see what's up with the Pierces - here's some of it.

We went boating today for Father's Day. We have had an annual Family Fishing Tournament for probably at least 7 years now. I always win. Only day of the year I fish and I win. It really frustrates my dad and Travis.
Savannah enjoyed the lake today too!

I'm teaching her to swim (float, kick, and hold her breath). This was step one to a life jacket.

This picture pretty much summarizes our family. We love summer.

Nattie came over - we got all the cool stuff in our back yard. Come on over!

Savannah LOVES brushing her teeth with me. It's cute.

Here's proud Travis with a radish from our garden.

We've been taking Savannah to Carr Pool to swim some in the big pool -
And to Brookside to play in the wading pool.
She loves to find and play with all the other kids and not with mommy.
Until next week....or so....


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