Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What you've missed

So early last week I got all fed up with MediaCom and just cancled everything!  So we've been without internet or tv really for a few days.  It's been alright, but here are some of the pictures I would have posted had I been able to.  

We've been into gardening around here.  Above is Savannah's new garden, below is the peoni plant that is infested with what I think is fire ants!  They attacked me over the weekend.  

Some fresh garden things.... Can't wait until we're just picking dinner from the yard every night!
We took Savannah boating this weekend.  It was her first time (that she remembers anyway).  Here she was actually screaming with JOY!
She played in a bucket of water on the boat.  Travis was pouring cold lake water on her and she LOVED it!  That's my girl.  

This is her friend Max.  He's a much nicer baby than she is.  But we still love her.  She's learning. I'm pretty sure she stole the twig from him right before this. 


J and J Masson

wendy!!! i keep forgetting you have a blog! i loved scrolling through some of your pictures. i can't believe your little girl is 1! holy cow! wish we could have seen you when we were in ames. we were planning on coming to moore park to see the farners group and despards, but then it got rained out so we just stopped by to see despards (well . . . so i could see kristi and kids :) ) i think i'll try and keep up with your blog on a more regular basis now. :)

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