Thursday, July 9, 2009

Still alive

I felt like it was time to let you all know that we're still kickin - just not online too much these days. Here's some high lights:

1. Travis is done with his summer classes. Two more out of the way and two more closer to getting his masters!

2. Savannah learned to take her diapper off. I'll spare you the details. Use youre imagination.

3. Travis' brother, his wife, two kids, and their friend Megan came to stay with us for a few crazy but really fun days.

4. I started reading through Genesis.

5. Travis is leaving in a week for a trip to Minneapolis called "STEM" - it's a student missions trip with our high schoolers. He'll be gone for 4 days.

6. The following Thursday I will leave for Panama for 10 days! Travis' parents are coming to help out with Savannah. I have so many lists of things to do/buy/lists to make ect.....

See ya soon!



Did the Panama shirts ever come to life???? :)

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