Monday, January 4, 2010

What my body was made to do

So after two trips this year (one to the Boone bump and one to Sundown) I have decided that God must have created my body just for snowboarding. I say this not because of how quick I'm catching on (because I'm not) and not because of how easy it is (because it's not) but because after both times, I wasn't sore at all! Unbelievable! Love it!
So here are somethings I need to work on:
- Getting off the lift (I fall every time so I just started "sledding" off with my butt on my board)
- Turing to the right
- Steep hills
- Getting from the hill to the lift without having to unbuckle so far away
- Anything besides stopping.. I'm good at that.

And some pictures:
It was -5 degrees when we went. Here's Jasey all ready to battle it!
Travis and Rowen gettin geared up.
And yours truely! I had to prove I was there.


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