Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eating my words

I was thinking today about some of the things that I said I'd never do as a mom and I thought, heck, why not just get them out there for America to read. So America (cause all of America reads this obviously), here's me, eating my words:
- I said I'd never stick Savannah in front of the TV or a movie just so I could take a shower. I read something while I was pregnant about someone doing that and thought it to be unsafe, and also bad for the kid's development. Sometimes I bring the portable DVD player in the bathroom, set it up on the toilet seat and let Sav watch Elmo while I take a shower.

- I said I wouldn't feed my kid chicken nuggets or Mac and Cheese for lunch. I mean, come on, what kind of mom can't at least make a sandwich for their kid? Yep, we both had both for lunch last week. And I'll add to it that Savannah has a (turkey) hot dog for dinner 5 out of 7 nights a week.

- I said I wouldn't dress my kid in pink all the time, or hardly ever. I thought it was too much. You can take a look at her on any given day to see that I went back on this one pretty quick.

- I said I wouldn't let her have candy until she was 3ish. Not good for her teeth and she'd never know the difference if she never had it. She gets a dum dum every time I need to go into a store. It's kind of become a kind of embarrassing habit. As soon as we get in any store she starts digging in my pockets "suuka? Suuka?".

So there's the short list. What did I know then anyway?

Here's SAvannah playing with my friend Amanda's daughter Bella. A lady at Fareway asked me if we were related to them today because the girls look so much the same.


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