Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From your daughter

Dear Daddy,
I know you miss me why you're at work so I thought I'd write a blog for you about all the things you might be missing about me:
- My newest obsession, Nutella. And that I call it poo poo and then eat it.
- That I can EEEE AWE like a donkey now thanks to you.
- I finally can say "Love You" back... if I want to.
- I licked all the peanut butter off my bananas today and didn't eat any of the banana. (sounds like something you would do, huh pops?)
- I can't wait for you to come home!
Here are some pictures I asked mommy to take for you:

I'm gonna get my face through one of these days...

Mommy interrupted me while I was watching Elmo the other morning. Sheesh mom!
We didn't tell you about this yet, but I've been getting stuck on the table sometimes. My feet couldn't reach the chair. I mean, why do you guys make it so hard for me to get up there anyway!
See you tonight!


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