Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Winner for the City of Ames!

So after flip flopping nap times all winter long, Savannah and I finally found a new groove. The new groove allows us to participate in morning activities that she had been sleeping through - like the City of Ames PLAY GYM! The city opens it's gym every week day morning from 9 - noon and for only a buck you can take your toddler there to run around and play. They fill the gym with cars, blocks, wagons...just about any thing you can think of.. Usually Sav just runs from toy to toy for an hour or so and I sit back on the bleachers and watch. It's a good release for her energy and a good time to learn about sharing stuff. Also a good time for me to sit back.
Here she is driving a boat....
And right before she fell off the teeter totter...
And when she got back on the teeter totter...alone.... she's a tuff cookie!

Thanks City of Ames!


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