Thursday, March 4, 2010


Lucky us! Only the second time we've ever gone to the Fareway in West Ames and the Weinermobile happened to be there waiting for us!
The mobile itself wasn't too thrilling. They just let us peek in the door and sent us on our way with some hot dog stickers. No whistle or anything.
However, inside Fareway Savannah had her first ride in the car cart! She loved it. I'm considering shopping there every week just because of it. I think she really thought she was driving the entire cart around the store. When we saw people in the isles she said hi and then pounded the "horn" on the wheel yelling "beep beep". It was awesome.
On the way home Sav put the hot dog stickers on her face. She likes hot dogs and stickers so I guess it wasn't so bad that we didn't get a whistle.


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