Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just a story

One time when I was probably in middle school, I was driving some where with my dad.  We were talking about all the new high tech toys out there (video games and crap like that) and I was telling him how much kids needed all that stuff.  He was saying that things in "his day" were much simpler and that he and his friends would just go outside and fine something to play with.  I had barely gotten these words out of my mouth 

"Well dad, kids these days don't just go outside and find a pile of dirt and a stick to play with"
when we turned the corner, only to see right in front of us, a big pile of dirt and two kids hitting it with sticks.  We laughed.  And still laugh.  It was really really funny.  

Just wanted to tell that story for the world wide web today.  

And here's some pictures of my kid. 


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