Sunday, May 16, 2010

Where was I all week?


Yep.  The annual Escape22 fund raiser garage sale.  
We spent Thursday and Friday afternoon/night setting it up, and all day Sunday selling the priceless jewels that we donated by people from our church to anyone and everyone that would stop in.  We started with 6 trailer loads of people's donations, and ended up with one trailer load that went to good will - and around $1500.  I call it a win.  Here's a couple things I've learned over the years: 
1.Do the sale in the Northridge neighborhood during the weekend that Northridge has their neighborhood garage sale.  Everyone who loves garage sales will already be out there. 
2. Don't bother to price all 1 million items.  Just ask people for a "Free Will donation".  Then their conscious does the pricing.  God will judge in the end :)
3. The more people at the garage sale already, the more people will come to it.  Meaning: have people who's job it is at the sale to just hang around.  If people drive by and see lots of people there then they will think it's a hoppin place to be!  
4. Remember, this too shall pass ....... 

It was a great week!  Thanks to everyone who supported us.  

I promise, the next post will feature more pictures of Savannah. 


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