Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So we had another eventful weekend around here.  Kinda.  
Friday night Travis and I went to a dinner/meeting for our 41 high school leaders!  This year is going to be pretty amazing.  We kick off Escape tomorrow night at 7:45 in "The Box".  It's a new room that Cornerstone built just for the youth (sorta)!  We've been meeting in gym for the last couple years, so it will be nice to finally have a home again.  Lucky for us, Madeline Farner and Jasey Rebarcak (two high school girls) were around to watch Savannah all night.  

Saturday morning we went on a walk to the Library in attempt to peel Savannah away from wanting to watch movies (her new favorite thing ever).  About a block from home she was running full speed ahead and she ran smack into a huge sign pole!  I think she was trying to out run her shadow and forgot to look where she was going.  She has scrapes all over her legs and a big ole fat lip.  

Saturday was also Travis' 32nd Birthday!  We didn't play it up party style too much, but we did do plenty of laying around on Saturday afternoon watching Arrested Development. It's our new fave. Saturday night we went to the new Mongolian Buffet here in town with my parents.  It was really good. However, it might be one of the few things that would be better without a two year old.  It was complicated to get her food, sit her down, get my food, then get her more food... After dinner Travis and some guys smoked pipes to the light of about 12 citronella candles.  Bugs here are awful lately!

Sunday we went to church.  We love our church. Nuf said. 
Then we went boating.  Here are some pictures... that's why you're here anyway. 


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