Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cha Cha Changes!

We've had some big changes around here lately.

Painting the house!  If you haven't been by in a while, you might have a hard time finding it!  I mean, aside from the red wagon that's always out there, and the porch swing, the front of our house has had a makeover.  No longer will I tell people, "There are 3 white houses in a row, and we're the middle one."  We are now the "Brownish one with green trim."  We love our new house colors.  The sidding is a color called "smoke house" and the trim is "rice paddy" and a color we actually made up by combining the other two.  :)  Our goal this fall is to finish the front and back.  Since Travis went back to school it's been pretty slow going.  But it looks great!

Going along with the makeover theme, we also painted and redecorated Savannah's room.  We took out her big changing table dresser and put in a smaller white one (thank you Tyler Farner for parting with your childhood dresser for my baby).  Last Christmas I bough Savannah owl themed bedding and wall decals.  I had planned on redoing all of it when she moved into a big girl bed, but since she doesn't seem to be anywhere near figuring out how to get out of her crib, we just went ahead and did it.  She LOOOVES it.  When we go to get her up sometimes we here her in there going "hoo, hoo, hoo" talking to the owls.  She has wall decals, an owl bank, 3 stuffed owls, an owl pillow, owl sheets and blanket, an owl picture and owl painting (thanks to Miranda Robinson).  Travis was a little sad to see her go from a  baby girl's room to a little girl's room.

Good transition to Savannah's makeover.  A couple weeks ago I got tired of always combing and putting up her hair and just did it.  I just cut it off.  It's not the best haircut you've ever seen, but she's so busy no one really notices.  She and I are both much happier now!  She's a little sassier after the hair cut.

The yard: Cannas are getting taller and awesome!

The garden: Where are all the garden plants?  Can't find them, can you.  We ignored it through the month of July and well...that's what we get.  I'm going to spray Round Up on the whole thing and just start over next year.


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