Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gracias Dia

How do we like to celebrate Thanksgiving?  
Start Wednesday with a Thanksgiving meal for 15, including 5 new international friends that joined us.  
 We have hosted Thanksgiving dinners for international students for the last few years, but this was the biggest and most fun yet.  We invited some of our other friends over to to join in the fun so it ended up being a pretty big task.  Jasey and I cooked most of the afternoon - made my first whole Turkey.  But even with 15 people, we still ended up with TONS of left overs.  My favorite parts were when one of the guys said something about his home country (North Korea) he's thankful for was "Korean Girls" and also when a few of the guys took turns performing songs for us.  

 I dont have any pictures of actual Thanksgiving day because well, it wasn't all that picture worthy - which made it awesome!  We hung around our house all morning, then went and laid around my parents house and played Wii, then went to my uncles house and stuffed ourselves, then came home and watched TV.  Love it. 
Friday we did some family pictures of us with my parents for my mom's Birthday gift.  She wanted something nice to send out in a Christmas Card so we asked our friend Chris (who has an awesome camera) to meet us at Rieman Gardens for a few pics.  It was actually a pretty fun time. However, would not be worth paying the $8 per person admission to get in - luckily my mom had some free passes she won somewhere.  
 Friday night we went down to Kansas City to meet up with Greg and his family. They had a wedding down there on Saturday so we thought it would be a good half way place for us all to meet and spend the weekend together at a Hotel.  It was good for the girls to play and for the bros to get some qt together before they move to India in the spring. 
 Savannah didn't do so hot in the Hotel.  She cried almost all of Friday night until we finally took her to the car to drive around and sleep at 4am. Welcome back to having an infant!  Geez.  The three of us slept in the car from 4am - 8am.  Then we had a pretty fun day just hanging out.  Saturday night when I went to put her to bed and she screamed, jumped, shook and banged the wall for 45 minutes we decided to cut our losses and head home.  Travis came back a little early from watching the OU/OSU football game and we left KC at 10pm.  It only took us about 3 hours to get home and Sav slept most of the way.  It sure did feel good to wake up in my own bed vs waking up in the car!
I told Travis last night, she may not have done great sleeping at the Hotel, but she sleeps sooo awesome at home that I'd trade it any day.  We slept in today until 9am, and Savannah is in the middle of what I'm hoping is a 4 hour nap.  Chances are good that she'll sleep tonight from 8:30pm - 7am tomrrow. I'll take it. 


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