Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hall A Weeny

So I'm a little late on posting the rest of our Trick or Treat / Halloween themed pictures.  But here they are.
I will say - Today I took Savannah to store down town and as I had predicted, what do you think her first question was?  "Where candy Mommy?"  At least she has yet to run up to people's door steps and beg from them!  

We decided for the official city Trick or Treat to take Savannah to an assisted living center in town.  We had gone there a few weeks ago and they really enjoyed seeing our kid so we wanted to do it again - I guess that way we all gain something, right?
In the car on the way there Savannah started cracking up!  I think it was all the candy she'd ALREADY had that day, but it was really funny. 
 We stopped by some friends house and one of our High school kids (Danny) was "working the door". It was fun. 

 This is pretty much what it was like.  A blurr.  

A couple days before Halloween my dad had Savannah over to carve pumpkins.  He was growing a couple in his garden and was just waiting to do this with Savannah.  

We like her. 


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