Friday, December 17, 2010

Back it up

Quick photo update of our last week: 

We played with Sav's friends Maddy and Max.  Savannah loves playing with... well, anyone.  I was going to say with the Dewhursts (which is true) but she just likes people.  
 Laura, Maddy and Max's mom, made the kids awesome crowns out of felt and who knows what else.  Savannah's is extra special because it has owls on it.  I wonder how long she'll stay on this owl kick.  It's been over a year!!
 We finally got some snow on Saturday.  Savannah could not wait to go out and play in it.  Then when we got her all bundled up and ready to go out she lasted about 3 minutes.  Then she came in and complained about how cold the snow is.  She's going to be like both her parents in that aspect.  So we all hate the cold - I'm fine with that.  I feel like I've typed this already.... did I already post this?

 Here's a shot a took right after she came in.  You can see how much she hated it :)  Someone's going to have to take her sledding and show her how to enjoy the snow..... Grandpa!

Ames High got out early today so I had some girls over for a game of Scrabble during Savannah's nap.  It was super fun.  I'm actually pretty awesome at Scrabble - which is weird because if you've ever gotten a text from me or anything else that I can't use spell check on, you know I'm the worst speller.  

Morgan Ferry won the game.  She said this may be the best day of her life.  We love Morgan.


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