Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Many Photo Christmas Post!

It's safe to say that so far the Pierces have been having a very Merry Christmas.  Here are a few high lights. 
We hosted a little party with our high school small groups. We did a white Elephant gift exchange and the best gift was this live fish - that Nathan actually really wanted.  Go figure. 

 Here's Charissa and Travis and Graeme all snuggled up on the couch at the party.  Most of the guys and girls don't know each other very well so the randomly paired newly wed game went well :)

We went down to Oklahoma for a few days.  Here's Savannah with Travis' aunt Opal. In the 30 minutes we were there, Opal gave Savannah a candy cane, a GIANT candy cane, cookies, a peppermint candy, and two suckers.

Here's Travis with his Uncle Mortin, his Dad Frank, and his cousin Clifford. They're a good size family.

This is what Christmas is about.  Cousins, playing, eating, loving.  Lani, Savannah and Maggie wont get to have Christmas together again until Savannah's 4.  They are moving to India this summer.  We had some family pictures taken at walmart on Christmas Eve.  I can't wait to post them! SUPER funny.

 Christmas Eve we went and walked around a park and looked at the lights.  It was FREEZING.  But it was good to get out.  Travis lost our camera going down a slide and had to go back out to find it.  Then when he did find it, it was broken.  Christmas disaster!  Until....
 I fixed it.  Here he is before he knew I had fixed it - taking a time out in the garage.   He was kinda upset about it, but nothing a good camo coat and pipe in the garage couldn't fix. :)
Christmas morning Savannah was the first of the kids to come out of her room. Aunt Missy let her open a gift right away.  We had told Savannah that she had to "wait and wait until Christmas comes" for her presents so this was a pretty big deal!

Christmas night we finally got around to Poppy reading the Christmas story.  It was really chaotic.  I was trying to feed Savannah, Maggie (not pictured) was crying, and Lani was getting upset with both of them for not listening.  So we staged this picture afterward so that THIS is what we'll remember it being like.

Here's Sav with Travis' sister Malisa.  We don't get to see her enough so it's good to have a good picture of her with Savannah.

I don't know who that 4th girl in the back is.  
 We went to Travis' parent's church Sunday morning.  They are a part of a new church that started in their town.  They meet in a school since they don't have their own building yet.  It's a great church, but it did make me appreciate having a building.  Cornerstone met in a school auditorium when I started going there - I've pretty much forgotten what that was like!
The ride home was a little crazy, but thanks to Travis being awesome at driving and getting us home fast and Burger King and Micky Ds we made it!  Also thanks to the portable DVD player. Can't forget that one!


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