Thursday, August 4, 2011


Earlier this summer my Grandma Charlson sent some money to Savannah for her to use to do something special.  Since my Grandma (who now lives in Oregon) is from Story City, I thought it would be perfect for her money to be spent taking Savannah to the Carousel there.  We hadn't been there with her yet, and it WAS perfect.  

Me: Savannah, how do you feel about going on the Carousel?

 We went with my old friend Meghan and her two kids.  Which made the whole thing even more nostalgic I think.  Meghan and I have been friends since probably 1st grade.  She and her family just moved back to Ames last month.  I followed her example and bought a 20 ride ticket for $12!  Cheap thrills if you ask me!  :)

I'd say the day was a success.  And we still have 16 more times to ride!  So you can bet where you can find us a few times in the next couple weeks.

Thank You Great Grandma!  We love the Story City Carousel!


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