Monday, August 15, 2011

Fair Flare

Friday afternoon we decided to load up in the trusty old Santa Fe and head down to the Iowa State Fair.    An old friend of mine from school (Leslie Hall) was playing down there at the AE Dairy stage.  It was Savannah's and Jasey's first times at the Iowa State Fair and they both did pretty well.  We parked at some people's house that claimed to be only 3 blocks from the fair - ended up more like 8 blocks.  No worries, though - you expect to walk a ton when you go to the fair, right?
 So by the time we got there and had Jasey and Sav sit down for a "First time  fair picture" - Savannah wasn't loving it :)
Then we finally got to see Leslie!  Here was Savannah's face during the entire show. Just taking it all in.

Here's a clip of one of Leslie's songs that Savannah has not stopped singing since we got home: 

Anyway, after Leslie we went to see all the animals.  We can't help but take pictures when we see one of these dumb things somewhere.  Who can, really?I don't even know what exactly it's supposed to look like - is Travis' face the cow's face or the cow's butt?
Savannah with the Big Pig.  Didn't get a look at the specifics this year - just know it was huge....again.
Look - Jasey wore her farmer clothes and brought a cow to the fair!  She was ready! 

Savannah saw the big slide, so they decided to give it a try.  I don't know that $2.50 a person was really worth this picture though.  I know. 

In all, I don't really know exactly why people go to the fair.  Unless there is some special event going on - Like seeing Leslie.  But I know some people just go for the sake of the fair and wondering and I guess I'm just not the likes of one of them.  But we did enjoy Leslie.



Love me some Leslie and the Lys!


you KNOW leslie?!?!?! oh my gosh.

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