Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bible Action Plays

Travis and Savannah have somewhat limited regular play time - so normally they play Savannah's favorite games - "chase" and "jail".  Both games are basically Travis chasing Savannah all over the house with lots of yelling and lots of running, throwing and jumping and wrestling involved.  Those were my favorite games too , only I think I called "get me daddy".

Well last night they both got a little creative and decided to act out some of Sav's favorite Bible stories.  I caught on to what they were doing and decided to try to record it.  With out further waiting, I present to you .... Daniel and Goliath -

(it was super funny because Travis takes all creative family projects so seriously, he was almost mad at her for forgetting her lines a couple times.  But he did pull it around and in the end was totally thrilled with her performance. )


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