Wednesday, May 2, 2012

High first Tea

My Aunts and Grandma have been in town from Oregon the last week or so.  They decided to do something special and invite Savannah over for her first Tea Party.  Needless to say, she loved it.  

They got her this dress for her to play "wedding" in for Christmas and she was more than happy to wear it to the party.  Gloves and all. 

Savannah had never done a tea party before, but she did great at stirring the tea (warm apple juice) and pouring the cream (white grape juice) and the sugar (which was imaginary).  She bought right on.  
Since her Birthday is really close, and they won't be here - we had a fun early party for her.  We had cupcakes and gifts to go with it!  She was kinda surprised I think. Look at that face. 

And the little princess did not make it home from the party awake.  We had to take a little side trip on the way home and wouldn't you know it, she zonked out!  


Katie Rose

this looks like so much fun! Wendy, she is so beautiful! i think she would get along great with my Anna :).

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