Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Registers are MARRIED!

What?! Yep.  We got to take part in marring off two of our best friends over the weekend.  Alex Register and Charissa Erhdadfrdt.  ( I never actually learned how to spell her last name so I"m super glad it changed).  They were both in our high school Bible Studies when they were in school and as soon as they graduated we set them up!  We knew it was meant to be.  They're both faithful and wonderful servants of the Lord - and great friends!

Nattie can't believe it either.  

Here's Charissa at the head table.  She looked fabulous.  Savannah has been waiting for six long months to see her in her wedding dress.  She asked every time we saw Charissa why she wasn't wearing it yet.  

Since I was a bridesmaid, I got to get this little secret kiss picture.  We took so many pictures.  But lucky for us, Travis and I were BOTH in the wedding, so we got to hang out a lot too.  And the entire wedding party was made up of people we know and love. 

Savannah opened up and after 2 hours closed down the dance floor. I'm really hoping she remembers how much fun she had an how great the whole wedding was. My family makes me smile - and so do the the Registers!


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