Tuesday, September 4, 2012

School Glimpse

I got to take Savannah to her first unofficial day of school today.  They have the students come in for an hour with their parent to do a little scavenger hunt around the room.  It was really fun!

Here's how Savannah was feeling in the car before we went in for the first time. 

Savannah's teacher (Ms. Suzanne) writes a messages to the class every day.  Part of the message today was to find the letter that her name starts with and circle it.  We liked that part. 
Then we had to find a paper with her name on it and Savannah drew a picture of herself with Ms. Ileena, one of the aids in the class room.  

Then we got to find Savannah's mail box.  She's getting pretty good at recognizing her own name which is good. 

Out of order, but here's her picture when we left the house - I hope to get a little bit better one on her actual first day.  She's into making different faces when I try to take pictures lately. 

Back in the class room, we found a picture of her that her teacher took when she visited our house last week. It was really nice for her to be able to find her own picture already up there. 

Savannah had a great time in her room. Thursday is the big day when she will go from 8:30 - 11:15.  She's really excited but hasn't decided yet if she wants me to drop her off in the loop or walk her in :) What a big girl!


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