Thursday, September 6, 2012

The real deal - official first day

Savannah got her day in the sun today. She woke up early, got her new school outfit on (compliments of Grammy), then we had a family first - we all sat at the table together and had breakfast! She was really excited to start school.

When I took her to the school she said she wanted to get dropped off so I pulled in the drop off line. We crept up there and then all of a sudden a teacher just came out and got her. Not big jugs or kisses or pep talks. They jt went in. She bopped in excitedly with the teacher - I drove away bawling like a baby.

When I picked her up she jumped in the car and gave me a huge hug. She said they played a lot, sang, had snack, had to sit still, and played on the play ground. Not a lot of detail yet :) we'll see what I can find out tomorrow.


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