Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Makin it happen

Life around here is happening.  We have to make it happen!  I think if I had the way of my will, we would all just hang out in our pajamas all the time with the door locked and the tv on. With two kids, and one of them being a baby, I am so intimidated by the thought of doing things.   But life must go on.  It's healthy.  It's good.  It's right.  And actually - when we participate in life around us, instead of being exhausting (as one might think), it gives us more life!  (Wow - that  sounded a little new agey - but it's not, trust me.  I'm sure there is some Bible verse about that because it's so true)

So what's life looking like?  Well yesterday I went to the grocery store!  And today I made 5 freezer meals! Let me just tell you - this is the way to go.  Before Charlie was born my friend Laura had me over and we made 10 freezer meals that you pretty much just dump in the crock pot or throw in the oven. We had these any time that I just didn't have gumption to cook by 4pm.  That's most days now.  Enter 1.5 hours of prep and hopefully 5 nights of easy peasy dinners.  I was a little nervous to try to put these together with both kids around, but it worked!  

Charlie cries.  Did you know babies cry sometimes and you can't stop them?  Mine does.  
Yesterday we went to the mall to walk with our friend Lindsey.  5 laps around North Grand Mall is 2 miles.  How easy is that?  Charlie cried the entire time.  Oh well.  We made it all 5 laps!

I've discovered that time goes by really fast when A. You have an infant in your arms at least %50 of the day and B. The day is broken down into 3 hour increments (eat, awake and fine, fussy, swaddle, sleep, eat...)

Savannah is going on with life too.  She's been more imaginative lately than ever!  She pretends that she is all kinds of people.  Then she pretends that her toys are all kinds of characters.  It's a little like watching the movie "Toy Story" a lot of the time.  All kinds of voices and scenarios going on over here. 

And there's these little fingers in our life now.  That's alright. 


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