Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Week in Review

We made it another week!!! Charlie is now 4 weeks old.  We made it!  Before he was born Travis and I had prepared ourselves to have a rough time from labor through the first month - and we are not on the other side of the first month.  And we were pretty much right - it was a little rough!  My memory of having a new born baby was correct.  We had a lot of chaos, tears (Charlie and the rest of us), a lot of growing in patience, and now the calm has begun to set in.  Charlie is eating about every 3 hours through out the day and every 4 - 6 hour over night.  He is having times of being awake and calm, which is new within the last week.  Before it was either sleeping or crying.  We've learned that this boy really really loves to be swaddled.  Wrapping his arms up tight almost always immediately soothes him.   In the last week or so:
We made it to church and Charlie slept almost the whole time.
I went to Escape on a Wednesday and Travis had both kids alone at bed time.
Charlie went to the doctor for an infected clogged tear duct in his eye.

Savannah is doing really well too.  She hasn't had any "this is why I don't like Charlie" moments in a while.  She's learning to be okay when things have to change and learning to be much more flexible.  We have eaten way way more meals in the living room in front of the TV lately and I know she's loving that!  She's been great to help us with Charlie and also at occupying herself when he's having a rough time and wont stop crying.  Usually when she's starting to get warn down from his crying she disappears into another room and plays pretend with her dolls or her stuffed animals - loudly.  She's joyful in it so I just let her sing and yell at them as much as she wants.

Here's a picture that I stole off of Savannah's class room website.  She cracks me up!

She loves Charlie so much. Even when he's crying.  She says "I'm glad Charlie cries because I want him to tell us that he needs something"


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